Bill Clinton

Is Monica Lewinsky a Feminist Icon?

Monica Lewinsky is a heroine, and not just as the fictional subject of a web video series. Instead, as she takes tentative steps back into the public eye, she may be emerging as an icon for a younger generation of feminists, at least according to a long profile by Jessica Bennett in the New York Times in conjunction with Lewinsky’s well-received TED Talk on cyber-bullying last week. … Read More

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Watch: Kanye Performs, Bruce Springsteen Fills in for Bono in Surprise Times Square Concert

When you’re walking through Times Square, you’re more likely to get motor-boated by an anthropomorphized M&M than to experience… Read More

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Monica Lewinsky’s Comeback Shows We’re as Confused About Her as Ever

Sixteen years ago, I spent every morning eating Cheerios with no milk and reading the newspaper, like every kid who wanted to know what was going on in the world. But on a September day in 1998, my copy of The Boston Globe had a special section about The Starr Report, an exhaustive, R-rated tale of how then-President Bill Clinton had an affair with intern Monica Lewinsky. Blue dresses. Linda Tripp. A description of the President’s sexual proclivities. The cigar was included, in excruciating detail. … Read More

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Remember When Aretha Franklin Sang “I Dreamed a Dream” For Bill Clinton?

Perhaps you love Tom Hooper’s film adaptation of Les Misérables. Maybe you’re really excited for the Broadway revival of the show — the second since the original production closed in 2003 — which celebrated its opening last week. Or maybe you are just the kind of person who gets a lot of joy from searching for YouTube clips of random people singing the first-act show-stopper, “I Dreamed a Dream.” If you fall into the last camp, congratulations! You are me. But that also means you may have discovered something pretty intriguing amid the videos of Anne Hathaway, Patti LuPone, and pitchy teenage girls: Aretha Franklin sang the song at Bill Clinton’s presidential inauguration in 1993. … Read More

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Watch Bruce Springsteen Perform a New Obama Campaign Song

A campaign song that starts with, “I kissed your sister, then I kissed your mama”? Just bear with outspoken Barack Obama supporter Bruce Springsteen for a minute, because while it doesn’t get any less silly, it does get more topical: “Let’s vote for the man who got Osama.” The Obama campaign is pulling out all the stops in the swing states, and yesterday that meant a rally in Parma, Ohio headlined by both Springsteen and Bill Clinton. As part of his solo acoustic set, the Boss debuted “Forward and Away We Go,” written in response to the campaign’s request for a song inspired by Obama’s 2012 slogan “Forward.” It’s a folksy bit of base-pleasing fluff, with a few rah-rah references to the president and VP’s latest debate victories, but we can’t imagine Springsteen meant it to be anything more. Watch his entire seven-song set at Consequence of Sound, or click through to skip straight to “Forward and Away We Go.” … Read More

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7 Unexpected Celebrity Cameos in Real Life

Bill Murray has attained something of a mythic status over the past few years for his habit of making unexpected cameos in real life. A number of stories about the late-blooming hipster party crasher have made the rounds, with varying degrees of believability. This week, Murray bolstered his reputation for showing up in random places by joining in on a Brooklyn kickball game. But the former Ghostbuster is not the only celebrity with a legendary ability to make unusual appearances. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite real-life cameos by celebrities that keep us wondering where they’ll turn up next. … Read More

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10 Contemporary Politicians’ Favorite Books

After it was revealed that Paul Ryan was a longtime Ayn Rand fanboy, reporters, critics, and the general public had a literary field day. Out came in-depth analyses of how Ryan’s fiscal policies were akin to Randian philosophies, and what character he would play in Atlas Shrugged. It all got us thinking about other political candidates and their literary preferences. Usually politicians are the ones who are being written about in books, not talking about them. So is Obama still as big of a fan of poetry as he was in his college days? Which classic novel for young ladies has a beloved spot on Hillary’s bookshelf? After the jump, we take a stroll through some contemporary politicos’ favorite reads. … Read More

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Watch 10 Celebrities Reading Famous Poems Aloud

In honor of National Poetry month, we at Flavorpill have been amping up our poetic coverage a little bit, from suggesting poems you can memorize to celebrating our favorite badass poets. But since poetry is really meant to be read aloud, we’ve also been celebrating the month by listening to some of our favorite celebrities reading famous poems. Now, audio recordings of celebrities — especially (British) actors — reading poetry are a dime a dozen, so we decided to limit the field to actual videos of celebrities performing readings and recitations, whether on stage, in a more intimate setting, or filmed solo. Click through to watch a few of your favorite public personas read you some poetry, and let us know which ones you like best in the comments. … Read More

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Watch Mindy Kaling Gossip with Conan About Meeting Bill Clinton

A few weeks ago, we witnessed a holiday miracle: Bill Clinton and Mindy Kaling appeared together on Today to talk about books. They seemed to get along — but we didn’t know quite how big of an impression Kaling made on the former president until last night, when she told Conan O’Brien about their fateful meeting. She discussed how embarrassing it was to recommend Gwyneth Paltrow’s cookbook when he was shouting out Marcus Aurelius and the way all her friends seem to have a crush on Clinton, which got Kaling thinking about her own chances. “I’m kind of Bill Clinton’s type,” she told O’Brien. “I was thinking of Monica Lewinsky, and if he was gonna, like, throw away a marriage, I was thinking, ‘I have a good shot at this.’ I’m kind of peppy and psyched, and I’m a little chunky.” (Note to Mindy: Girl, you are not “chunky.”) As it turns out, Kaling left the set before Clinton and later learned that he was disappointed because he’d wanted to say goodbye to her. … Read More

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