Bill Murray

The 10 Best Uncredited Film Performances by Famous Actors


The third-act appearance of Kevin Spacey as ‘Seven’ killer John Doe blindsided opening weekend audiences, since Spacey was unbilled on posters and in the opening credits, and unseen in the trailers and TV spots. It’s a good trick—and part of a long-running tradition of surprise, unbilled appearances by actors and actresses of note. …Read More

Watch: a Serpentine Scarlett Johansson Menaces in ‘The Jungle Book’ Trailer


Scarlett Johansson seems to have ventured so far into her tech-saturated post-humanness that she’s come out the other side, back in nature. She’s been a clone, an alien, an operating system, and a person who can disappear into the space-time continuum by using 100 percent of their brain capacity; now, in the first trailer for Jon Favreau’s/Disney’s live-action The Jungle Book, you get to see her as a snake.
…Read More