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The Bonnaroo 2015 Lineup Is Here

Another day, another massive music festival announces its somewhat underwhelming lineup (though The Governors Ball this year does sound… Read More

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20 Dad-Rock Albums You Should Learn to Love

Dad-rock (n.): 1. (lit.) music played by dads; 2. music made by old white dudes that somehow always ends up on the car stereo and/or being played on the hi-fi at various school friends’ houses. Both these definitions probably leave you with the impression that it’s something to avoid, and while this is often true, it’s not always the case. Apropos of a recent Flavorwire office discussion about modern-day dad-rock, here’s a list of 20 AOR staples that are actually, y’know, good, starting in the golden age of dad-rock (i.e., the ’60s) and stretching through to the present… Read More

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The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories

1. You know that $4.05 billion that George Lucas made in his deal with Disney? Apparently he plans to donate “the majority of the proceeds” to his philanthropic endeavors. [via Collider]

2. Wes Anderson says that Grand Budapest Hotel “mostly takes place about 85 years ago… And it’s kind of European … a… Read More

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What’s On at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds in Our Office

Today at Flavorpill, we learned that gambling could be good. We found out where the porn capital of America is. We met a few animals who really love Billy Joel songs. We were glad a 98-page dissertation on the appeal of LOLcats exists. We confirmed we’re entering a boom… Read More

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Readers’ Choice: 10 More Classic Rock Songs We Never Want to Hear Again

Occasionally a post at Flavorpill touches a nerve with readers, and our feature a couple of weeks back about classic rock songs that we never want to hear again was clearly one such post. We received a deluge of comments, and we have to admit to being a little surprised that very few of them were of the “quit hating h8rs”/”get off my lawn” variety — most of them were suggesting more fuel for the bonfire. We’ve sifted through the comments and picked out the best (or worst, depending on your point of view) nominations for more songs that need to be expunged from FM radio playlists — so, gentle readers, here’s the best of your very own suggestions as to classic rock songs you never want to hear again. … Read More

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Our 10 Favorite Sonic Odes to Drinking Establishments

As the weather gets colder, we’re beginning to appreciate our neighborhood bar more and more. After all, there’s nothing better than sipping a warm-you-up drink in the fading autumn sunlight. Nothing, that is, except doing that while listening to one of your favorite tunes. There are a million songs about drinking, it being one of man’s favorite pastimes, but here we’ve collected ten of our favorites about bars, pubs, and other drinking establishments in particular, so as to celebrate those fall and winter hideaways. And just for fun, we’ve added a drink suggestion to go with each spot. Click through to have a listen to our list, and let us know which of your own favorites we’ve missed in the comments! … Read More

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10 Classic Bro-on-Bro Duets in Music History

This week saw the release of the music video for “Otis,” Kanye West and Jay-Z’s Otis Redding-sampling single from their new album Watch the Throne, and all their jocular tomfoolery got us to thinking about the other gents we know who have teamed up to bring us great duets, bro-on-bro style. Because after all, no girl will ever love you as well as your homeboy, right? Right. From the wonderfully cheesy to the just plain wonderful, we’ve collected some of our favorite all-man duets in music history here (you can also check out our feature on classic lady-on-lady musical collaborations, if we’ve gotten you in the mood). Click through to take a listen to our picks, and let us know which of your favorites we’ve missed after the jump! … Read More

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What’s On at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds In Our Office

Today at Flavorpill, we tried to understand the multiple levels of symbolism at work in Katy Perry’s Simpsons cameo. We looked at famous skylines made out of old computer parts. We wished that TRON: Lebowski was getting a theatrical release. We met the female filmmaker spearheading the… Read More

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“We Didn’t Start the Fire” vs. Its 21st Birthday Update

Children of the ’80s, prepare to feel old: It’s been nearly 21 years since Billy Joel’s wildly referential, four-decade-spanning magnum opus “We Didn’t Start the Fire” dropped. Since then, there have been tons of tributes, from lowbrow (College Humor’s computer-nerd parody “We Didn’t Start the Flame War“) to high art (The Bruce High Quality Foundation‘s installation piece that loops the song and borrows its title).

But today, the Fader posted a version that may become our favorite: King Charles, who just won the International Songwriters Competition, has done an updated cover. Unlike the original, which covers American pop culture and politics from 1949 (the year of Joel’s birth) to 1989, the new version takes on 21st-century issues and icons. After the jump, watch both videos (simultaneously, side by side!) and follow along as we compare their points of reference. … Read More

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5 Billy Joel Songs That Explain How the Piano Man Becomes the Alimony Man

It was announced to the world today that Billy Joel and his third wife, Katie Lee Joel, have decided to call it quits after just under five years of matrimony. Now, I don’t think this comes as a huge shock to anyone, seeing as 27-year-old Katie is 33 years younger than her husband, but still… Can this guy do nothing right? Not only did he get divorced from supermodel Christie Brinkley (a dumb move in our opinion), it was rumored that the split was due to infidelities on his part. Who cheats on a supermodel?! However, instead of learning from his mistakes, his errors in judgment seem to have gotten worse as he’s gotten older- Katie, besides for being rather young in general, is only four years older than his daughter, Alexa Ray Joel! Really, Billy? Really?

We thought that perhaps we could find the method to this madness, if you will, hidden in the lyrics of some of Billy Joel’s songs, which he writes himself. Read on to see what we… Read More

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