“Stonemilker” Is the Saddest Song Björk Has Ever Written

Few occasions afford us the opportunity to collectively geek out to the extent that we are over Björk’s surprise (and surprisingly devastating!) release, Vulnicura. As critics scrambled to publish reviews, coverage of the album was hurried. Now that we’ve had a week to let it marinate, we can better discern the function of each song in the organism of this painfully thought-out album. “Stonemilker” — the first track, and the one most steeped in traditional Björkdom — begins her documentation of a relationship’s deterioration, and is the most uncertain. Unlike the pre- and post-breakup songs that come after it (each is demarcated by a time-stamp based on its proximity to her separation from Matthew Barney), its melody is decorated with faint glimmers of hope. But because we know the rest of the story, that hope, after a few listens, makes “Stonemilker” Vulnicura’s most tragic track — and perhaps the saddest Björk has ever written. … Read More

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Margaret Cho Has a Lot to Say ‘About Sex': Links You Need to See

The Björk chain reaction is wildly at play: a couple of days ago, Björk’s new album, Vulnicura, was leaked, and said leakage led to the album’s rushed official release, which has incidentally now led to the publishing of this incredible interview with the artist by Pitchfork (titled “The Invisible Woman: A Conversation with Björk” instead what should have been an obvious titular frontrunner, “Pitchbjörk”). In it, Björk gushes about her fandom for Joni Mitchell and her collaboration with co-producer Arca, while noting how many times her music’s been misrepresented — despite her 30 years of making music — as having been the work of her male collaborators; she cites journalistic perceptions of Kanye as the example of this imbalance: … Read More

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Staff Picks: Flavorwire’s Favorite Cultural Things This Week

Need a great book to read, album to listen to, or TV show to get hooked on? The Flavorwire team is here to help: in this weekly feature, our editorial staffers recommend the cultural object or experience they’ve enjoyed most in the past seven days. Click through for our picks, and tell us what you’ve been loving in the comments. … Read More

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Into the Black Lake: The Curiously Abstract Beauty of Björk’s Break-up Album, ‘Vulnicura’

I’ve always found Björk’s music fascinating in a sort of abstract sense — her curious vocal delivery, her constant devotion to exploring the possibilities of sound. But with the occasional exception, like “Hyperballad” or “All Is Full of Love,” I’ve rarely found it emotionally affecting. It’s too oblique. Listening feels like looking at some sort of great futuristic gleaming sculpture, something you can appreciate for its artistry and beauty without ever quite being able to relate to it at a personal level. … Read More

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Israeli Man Arrested In Connection With Madonna Hack

In late December, half-finished demos of Madonna’s latest album, Rebel Heart, were leaked online in a security breach. The leak… Read More

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Björk’s New Album, Set for Release in March, Is Called ‘Vulnicura’… Are We Surprised?

According to Pitchfork, Arca (Alejandro Ghersi) produced six of the songs and co-wrote two of them; The… Read More

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2015’s 10 Most Anticipated Albums (and How Likely It Is We’ll Get to Hear Them)

With a strong winter release schedule already confirmed (Sleater-Kinney! Father John Misty! Panda Bear!), 2015 is shaping up to be a strong year for music. Still, there are a few albums expected this year, but not quite set in stone. From Kendrick and Adele to Radiohead and The Wrens, a lot of highly anticipated albums have been “in the works” for some time now. Here, we take a look at ten of 2015’s most eagerly awaited albums and place bets on whether they’ll actually come out this… Read More

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Governors Ball 2015 Lineup Announced: Björk, Drake, Florence + the Machine, Black Keys

Festival season has kicked off early this year, with two major lineup announcements in as many days. First there… Read More

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