Why ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’ Was Revolutionary

Who Framed Roger Rabbit, the 1988 cult classic famous for fusing live action with traditional animation, turns 25 this year, and a special-edition Blu-ray of the film debuts today to celebrate the anniversary. We’re excited to see it in a form that enhances the movie’s already mesmerizing effects, which took 14 months to create in post-production — but they’re far from the only extraordinary aspect of this often-underrated film. … Read More

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Underappreciated Blu-ray Gift Guide 2012

There are going to be plenty of people finding copies of excellent Blu-rays from the big studios like Warner Bros, Universal, Paramount, Sony, Disney, and Fox under their trees this holiday season. The number of happy folks unwrapping their Blu-ray copy of The Dark Knight Rises or Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures will be astounding. But what about all those more independent-minded studios out there? We here at Flavorwire don’t think some of the great releases from these smaller guys should be forgotten so we put together an Underappreciated Blu-ray Gift Guide for your 2012 shopping needs. Treat the cinephile in your family to a little something special this holiday season with one of these great releases. … Read More

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Open Thread: How Do You See Movies?

If you try to follow the business end of the film industry too closely, you can get some awfully mixed messages. (I mean “the business end” in the literal sense, although I’d imagine the sentence reads accurately the other way as well.) Perusing the Internet this morning, I found out that a) domestic box office is still on the decline and b) DVD and Blu-ray rentals are continuing to drop as well, though c) IMAX is booming, and d) ticket prices will probably go up, to make it seem like 3D is less of a rip-off. Oh, and e) The Hunger Games had one of the biggest opening weekends in movie history.

In other words, William Goldman was right: In Hollywood, nobody knows anything.

Of course, this whiplash-inducing confusion (are people going to the movies, or not? And if not, where are they seeing them?) is a natural byproduct of the cinema’s current state of transition, where people are as engaged and passionate as ever about movies, but changing the ways they watch them. And that’s why we’re curious about you, the Flavorwire reader: how do you see movies these days? … Read More

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