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How ‘Love & Mercy’ Tells Brian Wilson’s Story and Breaks the Music Biopic Mold

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Tomorrow, director Bill Pohlad’s Brian Wilson biopic Love & Mercy hits theaters — though it seems a bit reductive to classify it as yet another music legend biopic, as the film takes such great pains to eschew the conventions of those movies and tell Wilson’s story in a unique, unexpected way. I was so taken with the film after seeing it at SXSW that I asked Flavorwire’s music editor/fellow biopic exhaustion victim Jillian Mapes to accompany me for a second viewing, and to share her thoughts on where Love & Mercy falls amid the quietly exciting reinvention of movies about the people who make music.
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The Stoner Canon: Essential Weed Movies, Books, Music, and TV Shows


Pot-smoking and pop-culture consumption go hand in hand: do the former, and you run the risk of only wanting to partake in the latter. So it makes some sense that pop culture has taken ample advantage of pot. At its funniest, it’s given us the stoner comedy of Richard Linklater, the Coen Brothers, Amy Heckerling, and Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson. At its trippiest and most philosophical, it yielded some of the greatest art of (and set in) the ’60s and ’70s, from The Beatles to Dylan, Fear and Loathing to Inherent Vice. Then there are the more lively party-stoner creations, represented here by hip-hop touchstones The Chronic, Missy Elliott, and The Beastie Boys. Farther afield, we get the inadvertent stoner favorite, a diverse subset that ranges widely, from Adventure Time to David Lynch’s Eraserhead. Each of these categories is well represented in Flavorwire’s Stoner Canon, which we’re proud to present in celebration of… Read More


A Selection of Hitherto Unseen Responses to Famous Songs


The idea of writing a song lyric as a letter is one that’s as old as music itself, but if you’re like Flavorwire, you may have occasionally found yourself wondering: what if the recipient of the song in question wrote back? What might they have to say? Wonder no longer, dear readers, because through the magic of a program that grants access to the the hitherto undiscovered secret archives of rock (aka Photoshop CS5), here are the unseen responses to a bunch of our favorite “letter” songs.
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25 Love Songs That Need to Be Retired


Valentine’s Day: that special day of the year when every cheesy love song you can think of gets exhumed and played again and again and again. Even avowed Hallmark Day non-skeptics can agree that there are some love songs that we could all do without hearing again, be it on February 14 or… well, any other day of the year, really. Like the 25 that follow, for… Read More


10 Albums You Need to Hear in February


If you’re still catching up from the onslaught of excellent releases last month (Sleater-Kinney! Mark Ronson! Belle and Sebastian! Panda Bear!), consider February a bit of breather. Not to say there aren’t great albums coming out this month, but the releases aren’t quite as monocultural as January’s. There are a lot of growers this month. Give… Read More


An ‘Alternate Routes’ End-of-Year List: Dylan, Dudes Drumming on Boxes, Female Tuareg Guitarists


Alternate Routes is a column from Flavorwire contributor and WFMU DJ Jesse Jarnow, in which he’ll explore music solely distributed outside the Big 3 of Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon.

Christmas has traditionally been the loneliest time of year for off-grid music, absent from year-end considerations and broader recognition due to scarcity or obscure format. Lately, though, this jolliest of list-making seasons has grown more accommodating to recordings from the corners. And while a truly functional SEO economy would provide full-time pensions for beat critics to cover the latest emissions from every conceivable platform, locality, and micro-genre, the annual listicle harvest and its celebration is the next best solution.
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