Bob Ross

Watch Bob Ross Get Remixed

Back in June, we posted a lovely tribute to Mister Rogers created by John Boswell, the musician and producer behind the fantastic Symphony of Science project, as the first installment of the new “PBS Icon Remixed” web series. Exciting news: Boswell is back, and this time around he’s remixing The Joy of Painting host/American artist Bob Ross and his happy little clouds and happy little trees. Honestly, we can’t think of a more soothing way to start your morning. Click through to check it out now, and be sure to let us know in the comments who you’d like to see Boswell tackle next — our money’s on Lavar Burton. … Read More

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The Art World Redefined Through Contemporary Slang

A recent article in The Guardian brought attention to Urban Dictionary entries that redefine the giants of literature through contemporary slang. They range from the stupid (JK Rowling: being under the effects of cannabis (J) and ketamine (K)), to the sublime (Kerouac: to wander aimlessly for the giddy thrill). The New York Daily News cited the entries as being a “history of literature as seen by millions of 17-year-olds today,” but as The Guardian points out, some familiarity with the writer’s canon is required to make the quips successful — which means there has to be some literacy at play here.

We wanted to see if the same rules applied to the art world, so we clung to our brain cells (just in case) and went digging through Urban Dictionary’s website for slang versions of famous artists and related works. See what we found past the break, and let us know if you have your own redefinitions to contribute. (Diebenkorn, for instance, is just screaming for appropriation.) … Read More

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Kids’ Halloween Costumes That They’re Too Young to Understand

Do you know a kid? Does that kid need a Halloween costume? Are you cool with casually exploiting said kid for your own trick-or-treat amusement? Take a break from the princess and superhero aisles at your local holiday superstore and consider these silly costumes that are meant to make grownups chuckle. True, these outfits might go right over the wearers’ kiddie heads, but who wouldn’t love finding a tiny Mr. T or a baby Bob Ross at their doorstep? We wish we could give these youngsters’ parents high fives. Enjoy some adorably mini versions of grown-up pop culture figures after the jump. … Read More

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