‘Top Chef Duels’ Guest Judges Include Shailene Woodley and Andy Samberg

Bravo’s latest installment in the Top Chef franchise, Top Chef Duels, will premiere Wednesday, August 6 at 10 PM. Hosted by Curtis… Read More

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Your Weekly TV News Roundup: ‘It’s Always Sunny’ and ‘Game of Thrones’ Both Renewed Forever

The television world moves so fast that by the time you learn of a show’s premiere, it could already be canceled. It’s hard to keep track of the constant stream of television news, so Flavorwire is here to provide a weekly roundup of the most exciting — and baffling — casting and development updates. This week, FX and Bravo announce upcoming slates, an Office alum stops by New Girl, and Game of Thrones continues forever. … Read More

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‘Queer Eye for the Straight Guy’ Was a Better Show Than You Remember

It’s easy to underestimate how much things can change in a decade. In July of 2003, a little more than halfway through George W. Bush’s first term in the White House, Bravo debuted a show called Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Its premise was simple: each week, a troupe of gay men known as the Fab 5 would come to the rescue of a hapless hetero dude who could benefit from their (respective) expertise in fashion, personal grooming, home decor, food, and (most nebulously) culture. I watched it, almost every week, in the living room of the house where I lived in college, surrounded by housemates and friends, gay and straight and somewhere in between — none of whom happened to be the Cosmo-swilling self-proclaimed shopaholics we might in retrospect think of as the show’s primary audience. … Read More

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‘Heathers’ TV Series Coming to Bravo

On the list of announcements that have the power to make our day, anything Heathers-related ranks right at the top. So imagine how thrilled we are to discover that Bravo — which is just dipping its toes into scripted programming — is rebooting the 1988 teen-movie classic. The Hollywood Reporter breaks the news… Read More

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Uh-Oh: Did ‘Gallery Girls’ Replace Bravo’s Newly Canceled ‘Work of Art’?

In a recent post, we noted that we’d love to see TV shows about the art world with a bit more substance than Bravo’s fun-but-soul-killing Gallery Girls — you know, ones like Bravo’s other reality series, Work of Art. Well, so much for that, because Gallerist is reporting that Work of Art has… Read More

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A Brief Survey of Gallerinas in Pop Culture

The gallerina is everywhere. Over the past several years, the female art gallery assistant has subtly slipped herself into a host of rom-coms, Candace Bushnell-esque chick lit, and sitcoms about independent women trying to make it in the big city. Now, the stock character is getting her own reality show. Bravo recently released the trailer for its new series Gallery Girls, which premieres August 13 and follows the lives of young women in the New York City art world.

So what about the female gallery assistant makes her such a popular female trope? In a hilarious excerpt from Mindy Kaling’s book Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? that was featured in The New Yorker, Kaling deems the art gallery assistant a popular rom-com specimen because of her posh pedigree and vague, unthreatening career. The gallery girl also plays another important function in the realm of female-geared media, as a sort of balance to the Manic Pixie Dream Girl; while both are creative, the Gallerina is as focused and ambitious as the MPDG is whimsical and carefree. After the jump, we’ve rounded up our favorite gallerinas in pop culture as a quick study of this 21st-century archetype. … Read More

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Does the World Need Another Reality TV Cooking Competition?

If you’ve ever wished that Top Chef was more like The Amazing Race, with a little bit of Survivor thrown in for good measure, then you’ll want to tune in to Bravo’s newest cooking competition Around the World in 80 Plates, which premieres tonight at 10pm. The show’s contestants range from a chef de cuisine at New York City’s Fatty Crab and the executive chef for the Boston Red Sox to a guy who used to work as a private chef in a sorority house and an oddly pretentious dude from Hollywood who has dubbed himself “Cheven” (as in Chef Keven). But as hosts Curtis Stone and Cat Cora pointed out at a launch party we attended earlier in the week, it’s not just experience in the kitchen that will determine the winner; they will also need to have the street smarts necessary to navigate foreign cities, and perhaps even more importantly, people smarts, given the fact that the losing team will decide who gets voted off each week. This means certain strategies that wouldn’t traditionally apply in a cooking competition — like intentionally making average food in order to fly under the radar — will inevitably come into play. … Read More

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Is Bravo Developing Long Island’s Reality TV Answer to ‘Girls’?

Bravo sure has a lot of new series in the works: Just a few weeks ago, we learned that it had greenlighted 13 new shows, including its first two scripted programs. But apparently that’s not all. Deadline reports that the network has put six more series into development. The new slate… Read More

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The Sucklord Is the Star of ‘Work of Art’ Season 2

Bravo’s weirdest reality competition show returned last night, and we’re confident that Season 2 will be every bit as bizarre as Season 1 — in fact, it may even be crazier. The highlights of this year’s cast include a woman who looks like a punk-rock Mayim Bialik and photographs her own sculptures of viscera, a street artist who’s always talking about how much time he spends in jail, and a rural Arkansas art teacher who (sigh) continued Work of Art‘s great clown-painting tradition. But by far the most fascinating character so far is also the show’s most established artist. “My name is The Sucklord,” is how he introduces himself — and if, like Simon de Pury, you dare to call him by his given name, he’ll correct you. … Read More

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Hipsters on TV: A Retrospective from Fonzie to ‘Portlandia’

The oxymoronical has happened: Hipsters have gone mainstream. After two weeks on the air, it’s clear that NBC’s Two Broke Girls and Fox’s New Girl are ratings hits — attracting around 12 million and nine million viewers, respectively. What the sitcoms have in common is young female protagonists who (due to living in Williamsburg, baking cupcakes, and dating musicians or wearing glasses and being portrayed by Zooey Deschanel) could fairly be described as hipsters. And it looks like the trend is only just beginning: 25-year-old micro-budget filmmaker Lena Dunham is currently prepping a show called Girls for HBO, and MTV recently gave viewers a sneak preview of the pilot for the Wavves-scored I Just Want My Pants Back, about 20-something creative types living in Brooklyn. (Don’t worry if you missed out — it may well have been the worst half-hour of television we have ever watched.)

But just because they seem to be having a renaissance in 2011, that doesn’t mean hipsters are new to TV. In honor of an archetype whose roots stretch all the way back to the ’50s, we’ve compiled a retrospective of our favorite hipster television characters, from Happy Days to Portlandia. Since we figure you probably know about some incredibly obscure shows we wouldn’t have heard of, we hope you’ll assume your best elitist voice and tell us who we missed in the comments. … Read More

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