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7 TV Shows That Almost Had Very Different Finales

The current cover story of Entertainment Weekly is all about TV finales, featuring in-depth interviews with the showrunners behind memorable finales like The X-Files and 30 Rock. “The Art Of Saying Goodbye” remarks upon the tough process of crafting an episode that is satisfying for the creators, the audience, and the fictional characters. It’s not an easy task, and plenty of shows have mucked it up, but the process showrunners go through is fascinating. One of the most interesting interviews is with Vince Gilligan, who reveals some original ideas he had for the Breaking Bad finale. Gilligan’s not the only indecisive writer — many creators have pondered, shot, and even released different endings from the ones that aired. Here are seven TV shows and the spoiler-filled alternate endings that almost were. … Read More

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20 of the Weirdest TV Merch Items You Can Buy

Television fan culture has blossomed into something huge and wonderful. There are so many TV shows that have a rabid and obsessive group of eager fans who love to buy merchandise related to their favorite shows and characters. I should know — my apartment is overflowing with memorabilia from The SimpsonsBeavis & Butt-HeadCommunity, etc. — but sometimes networks go beyond simple T-shirts and magnets and start selling everything from costumes to sofas to swords. Here are 20 examples of the weirdest television merchandise that you can buy. … Read More

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The Ethics of Loyalty: ‘Game of Thrones” Startlingly Contemporary Moral Compass

The massive popularity of Game of Thrones is something of an outlier in the field of what we might call Quality TV. Much of the 21st-century television renaissance has involved shows that have, in various ways, held up a mirror to what’s going on in post-millennial America: it doesn’t take a genius to draw a line between the subprime mortgage fiasco and TV’s constant narrative theme of a trapdoor opening under an average, middle-class life (Breaking Bad, Weeds, Orange Is the New Black, innumerable zombie shows), while the rise and rise of the antihero seems to parallel a widespread sense of moral ambiguity, a feeling that the world isn’t as straightforward as it used to be. In this context, an epic sword-and-sorcery drama — one that is, let’s be honest, a giant soap opera with lots of death and inventive swearing — seems somewhat out of place. Why is it so popular? You might argue that it’s pure escapism, but I think the answer is more nuanced than that. … Read More

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‘The Good Wife’s’ Big Reveal Proves Avoiding Spoilers Is Pointless

A quick confession: I have been meaning to watch The Good Wife. I have friends who love it, who evangelize for it, I’ve heard it’s smart and sexy and about a full-grown woman played by Julianna Margulies dealing with the most fascinating humiliation of all, at least at the outset: being the smiling wife next to the politician who has sinned. And it’s written and created by a husband-and-wife team, a showrunning setup I am super interested in. But … the show is on CBS. I am, for now, young (or insufferable, ha?) enough to not have a TV. It wasn’t really available for streaming until last year when it popped up on HuluPlus, where you pay for the pleasure of rare BBC shows and commercials. So I haven’t caught up on The Good Wife‘s goodness.

[And now, a warning: spoilers ahead.] … Read More

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Devoted Designer Makes Posters for Each Episode of ‘Breaking Bad’

Perhaps, like me, you fear you’re forgetting the intricacies of Breaking Bad in the wake of replacements like True Detective and Girls (as young Horvath’s moral degeneration is starting to seem inspired by Walter White’s). Like any deceased television show, the twisty plot lines that once monopolized the less twisty plot lines of my own non-meth-cooking life are fading into one scintillating, distant lump of desert, drugs, blood, and chicken. Luckily, Hungarian designer “Zsutti” (Zsolt Molnár) has created a poster for all 62 episodes; clicking through the slideshow on Uproxx creates a sensation akin to flipping through a family photo album, awakening dormant memories I’d taken for lost. (Ah, how I’ve missed Uncle Gus’ stoic intimidation and that adorable half-face of his; I’d been meaning to catch up with Cousin Severed Head Atop Tortoise, but we’ve been playing endless phone tag.) Here are some highlights from the poster series: … Read More

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Watch Walter White’s Facebook Look Back Video

Last week, in honor of its tenth anniversary, Facebook created “look back” videos for every user. Not only do the… Read More

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