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The Seat-Fillers Await: Links You Need to See

Given the fact that you clicked on this, it’s fair to guess you’re sitting idly with nothing to do — and nothing to even read, but for this links post telling you what to read. It’s therefore fair to guess that this interview with someone else who, at one point, sat somewhere, might be appealing, as it’s predominantly about that very act of sitting, in that particular place. To be less opaque, said place is the Oscars, and the interviewee is an elusive creature called a “seat-filler.” … Read More

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‘Better Call Saul’ Is the Prequel ‘Breaking Bad’ Deserves

In his first season or two on Breaking Bad, Saul Goodman was a sleazy lawyer caricature who periodically popped in to Walter White’s life for comic relief. But over the course of 43 episodes, Vince Gilligan and Bob Odenkirk shaped Saul into a fascinating mess of contradictions — bottom-feeding yet weirdly brilliant, mercenary yet surprisingly loyal, nonjudgmental to a fault. As Walter grew into his meth-lord devil horns, his morality meter shifting from “it’s complicated” to “pure evil,” the comparatively sympathetic lawyer held the show’s increasingly divided characters — Walt, Jesse, and Mike especially — together. It’s impressive how fully Breaking Bad was able to develop Saul without ever going into detail about his past. … Read More

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RJ Mitte, AKA Walter Jr., to Play ‘Breaking Bad’ Themed DJ Set in New York

One of Breaking Bad’s biggest problems (and, as most agree, the show didn’t have many problems) was that it didn’t develop… Read More

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50 of the Greatest Literary Moments on TV

It’s probably safe to say that media tends to refer to itself, in one way or another — and referring to literature, as opposed to other forms of pop culture, is one way to make just about anything a little more highbrow. Television, notoriously full of references and allusions, might be the worst/best culprit, and the most fun to hunt through for literary moments — after all, nothing’s more fun than seeing books on the boob tube. Here, you’ll find 50 of the greatest and most memorable literary allusions, shout-outs, cameos, and references on television, as well as real-life author appearances and whole episodes, or even whole seasons, based on… Read More

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The Best Homemade Gifts by and for TV Superfans

Holiday gift shopping is simultaneously fun and frustrating. There’s the joy of finding the perfect gift for someone important in your life, but it’s first accompanied by the panic of searching for that perfect gift. Fortunately, if your recipient is a television fan — and who isn’t? — then there is no shortage of wonderful gifts to give them. Official TV merch is fun (and very, very weird), but if you want to get a little more personal, here are 15 unique, homemade gifts for the television obsessive in your life. … Read More

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“Breathing” and “Mattering” in Today’s America : Links You Need to See

Yesterday’s ruling in the Eric Garner case was another reminder of the immobilizing coupling of police scrutiny and social invisibility with which white America often still “sees” its black communities. After the Ferguson ruling, #Blacklivesmatter became last week’s online slogan; it was a tragic reminder of something that shouldn’t have needed to be uttered, for what should have been its sheer obviousness. That gave way, yesterday evening, to “I can’t breathe,” the dominant chant in protests against the decision not to indict the officer who choked Eric Garner to death for selling cigarettes; this both echoes Eric Garner’s last words and the general feeling of suffocation that hegemonic forces have inflicted on black Americans. Thankfully, people were flipping the suffocating words, using “I can’t breathe” while mobilizing — using them while demanding to be seen. The Times covered the protests in detail this morning.  … Read More

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Old New York Was Sexier Than New New York: Links You Need to See

There’s nothing more to be said about NYC’s general scrubbing-up and watering-down that took place during the Giuliani and Bloomberg years. We’ve all generally accepted that New York (Manhattan in particular) is headed toward upperclass oblivion. And these new (somewhat NSFW) photos by Arlene Gottfried, taken during the ’70s and ’80s (and compiled in her book Sometimes Overwhelming), show a New York that is just generally more interesting than anything you’ll see on, say, Humans of New York. … Read More

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When Men Run Away From Things: In Praise of ‘Force Majeure,’ ‘Seinfeld,’ and Other All-Too-Rare Depictions of Male Cowardice

As a man who’s also, sometimes, a coward (as men, and generally people, but often men, are), it’s fun to watch other men run away, literally and figuratively, from things onscreen. As a man who also dates men, it’s similarly refreshing — if not fun — to see men running away from things onscreen, because anyone who dates men knows their predilection for running away from things that… aren’t onscreen. Such a viewing experience, however, is not easy to come by. … Read More

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