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Where Is Today’s Literary Brat Pack?

Thirty years ago today, Vintage Books published Bright Lights, Big City, a semi-autobiographical, cocaine-fueled journey through ‘80s New York written by a 29-year-old Jay McInerney. Three years later, McInerney was famously anointed (or condemned) by the Village Voice as part of the “literary brat pack,” alongside Bret Easton Ellis and Tama Janowitz and a selection of other orbiting talents. … Read More

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Happy Birthday Bret Easton Ellis, Post-Empire Muse! Let’s Remember ‘The Canyons’ With Great Longreads

Fifty years ago on this day in 1964, Bret Easton Ellis was born in Los Angeles, California. Twenty-one years later, he was unleashed on the world as a wunderkind unparalleled, a voice of a generation with his 1985 debut, Less Than Zero; five years later, 1991’s American Psycho incited literary riots over its violent and misogynistic perspective, while also also being a really great and unforgettable book on top of it. Nevertheless the world has been better and more controversial for having Bret Easton Ellis in it. His novels are gone deeper and deeper into intertextual metafiction about lost generations, and meanwhile, some of his works have been adapted to film, the best being Mary Harron’s unforgettable take on American Psycho, with Christian Bale working out and coke-babbling about Huey Lewis and the News. … Read More

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A Hypnotherapy Session Goes Terribly Wrong in Bret Easton Ellis-Written Dum Dum Girls Video

With their EP End of Daze, the Dum Dum Girls struck a tone of sunny-sad Los Angeles dissociation; though lead… Read More

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From Kanye to Zombie: A Guide to Bret Easton Ellis’ Current Projects

Oh, Bret. After making waves in the ’80s and ’90s with novels chronicling the ennui of the urban super-wealthy, he’s been on a weird run. There were the poorly received sequels to early hits, there was Lindsay Lohan disaster The Canyons, and now, there’s a slew of new projects. The latest, announced today, involves none other than Rob Zombie. It’s difficult to keep track of all the bizarre collaborations and solo efforts Ellis is currently involved with (in addition to his always-entertaining Twitter), so here’s a guide to what we can expect from the author and provocateur in the near future. … Read More

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14 Adorable Photos of Famous Authors Kissing (And Being Kissed)

Happy Valentine’s Day! Celebrate by getting yourself kissed today. Or, may we suggest finding a famous writer to smooch? In case you need a little inspiration (or just like to see writers making out), we’ve collected several adorable photos of famous authors in fond embraces, both vintage and quite recent. … Read More

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13 Great Anti-Valentine’s Day Movies You Can Stream Right Now

If you’re dating or married, Valentine’s Day can be a high-stress holiday: figuring out what to get your partner, how much is trying too hard, how much isn’t trying enough, where to go, what to do, what not to do, and whether this really is the right night to bring up that previously unmentioned lovechild. But if you’re, shall we say, between partners, February 14 is a miserable day indeed, an interminable blizzard of flowers and candy and bullshit. Who needs it? So if you’d like to shy away from the syrupy romantic fare typical of Valentine’s Day movie-watching, fear not; here are a baker’s dozen anti-romantic movies for your weekend… Read More

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8 Money-Soaked Tales of Wall Street Excess

Just a few years removed from the worst economic crisis to hit the United States since the Great Depression, we’re suddenly in the midst of a newfound cultural fascination with the fat cats on Wall Street, and their excesses of bacchanalian proportions. We’re still arguing about The Wolf of Wall Street a month after its release, and the recent news that the Goldman Sachs elevator-gossip Twitter account, @GSElevator, has sold a book to Simon & Schuster is further proof that while we might despise the traders making untold millions, we’re still really interested in hearing their tales of excess. The forthcoming book and Scorsese’s film are the latest chapters in a long history of famous (and notorious) accounts of Wall Street. Here are some of the best examples. … Read More

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What Were the Worst Things on the Internet in 2013?

What a wild ride 2013 was, huh? So many memes, so many funny tweets, so many things on the Internet that infuriated us and made us think very hard about each other and also ourselves — particularly, “Why don’t we just delete all of our social media accounts so that we don’t have to see all of this stupid shit day in and day out?” (The answer: because we need it.) If you’re the kind of person who has ever dreamed about writing angry blog posts, you’re also the kind of person who watched with a combination of fascination and shame while the Internet made some weird attempt to self-destruct over the past 12 months. Let’s revisit some of the most annoying moments of the year; I apologize in advance for refreshing your short-term memory. … Read More

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Flavorwire Exclusive: Famous Authors in Santa Hats Wish You Happy Holidays

‘Tis the season for eggnog, presents, ugly sweaters, relatives getting too drunk at family functions, and little kids hoping that old St. Nick will bring them gifts that they will probably tire of within days of ripping open the packaging come December 25th. It’s Christmastime, and just like you and everyone you know who is pasting a Santa hat on their Twitter avatar or Facebook profile pic, your favorite authors like to get into the spirit of things as well. So, with quite a bit of Photoshopping research, we assembled this series of never-before-seen images of famous authors revealing a festive side that — in many cases — we never knew existed. Here they are, donning festive gear and telling us what they want for the holidays. … Read More

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What Was the Worst Thing on the Internet This Week?

The Internet is a wasteland — or, if you’re feeling more glass-half-full, a haven — for trolling, pandering, and self-aggrandizing, whether it be in innovative or particularly reductive ways. Every day there’s at least one or two obnoxious things that is deserving of our hate-click, and our temporary outrage only brings the unnecessary attention to such ridiculata. Yet we can’t help ourselves from promoting it, now can we? Join us in our rage, for each week we nominate the worst Internet-based events of the previous five days, and determine which of the nominees is, in fact, The Worst. … Read More

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