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Flavorwire Artist Playlist: Songs That Inspired Clap Your Hands Say Yeah’s New Album, ‘Only Run’

Welcome to the Flavorwire Artist Playlist, a new monthly series in which we ask musical personalities to curate playlists on any topic of their choosing. We kick things off with 12 songs from Alec Ounsworth, the leader of longtime indie rock staples Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, who release their fourth album, Only Run, this week. Ounsworth offers up tracks from albums that inspired his band’s new LP, ranging from icons like Brian Eno and Sly and the Family Stone to the modern psych-rock of Tame Impala and MGMT (thanks in part to a shared producer in Dave Fridmann).  … Read More

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The 10 Best Songs We Heard This Week: Brian Eno & Karl Hyde, St. Vincent

Our music editor Jillian Mapes is at SXSW this week, gamely braving the crowds and dancing the robot, so you get me back on MP3 duties for the week. Sadly, due to the aforementioned SXSW, this is a pretty awful week for new music, so this is a roundup of stuff I’ve heard over the last couple of weeks that’s caught my attention (and that Jill didn’t cover last week). It’s an interesting bunch of stuff, too, ranging from the first we’ve heard from the Eno & Karl Hyde collaboration to neo-kosmische and dance-floor fillers. All the tracks are streaming for free, too. Huzzah. … Read More

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Finding the Heart in Brian Eno’s Experimental Masterpiece ‘Here Come the Warm Jets’

There are plenty of album anniversaries in 2014 that will no doubt reward diligent bloggers with the opportunities for many, many thinkpieces. But really, there’s only one that I’m excited about, and it comes sometime this month. No one seems to be sure exactly when, but at some point in January 1974, Brian Eno released his solo debut, Here Come the Warm Jets. Forty years later, it remains one of the most remarkable records you’ll ever hear, a triumph of ambition and experimentalism. … Read More

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Flavorwire Staffers’ Best Cultural Experiences of 2013

With the end of every calendar year comes the customary influx of “Best Of” lists, definitively ranking the créme de la cultural créme of the last 365 days. But sometimes “best” doesn’t accurately describe the things that stick with us most, or that we irrationally love out of personal preference. So to cap off 2013, Flavorwire staffers listed their favorite cultural items of the year — the books, movies, and experiences we’ll be taking into 2014. Click through for Flavorwire writers’ most memorable cultural moments of the past year. … Read More

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Why We Need a Glam Rock Revival

Rock isn’t just dead; if only it were. In 2013, rock ‘n’ roll is a bloated, stinking corpse, reanimated over and over again by people who have no compelling ideas with which to fill its hard-wiped brain. We’ve got the Americana zombies, the alt-rock rehash zombies, the precious bearded zombies of indie rock. With Fall Out Boy and Paramore nowhere near the most disappointing names on Billboard’s most recent Hot Rock top ten, we’ve reached a moment when decade-old emo bands seem like a reprieve from the latest wave of acts that could be described as “rock.”

Some would argue that this is all the evidence we need to take one final mercy shot at rock ‘n’ roll and then tuck it into its grave for eternity. Other, more optimistic folk would say that what it needs — and inevitably will get— are some honest-to-goodness new ideas. Me? At the risk of opening up yet another can of retromania, I prescribe a glam rock revival. … Read More

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Staff Picks: Flavorwire’s Favorite Cultural Things This Week

Need a great book to read, album to listen to, or TV show to get hooked on? The Flavorwire team is here to help: in this weekly feature, our editorial staffers each recommend the cultural object or experience they’ve enjoyed the most in the past seven days. Click through for our picks, and tell us what you’ve been loving in the comments. … Read More

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The 50 Albums Everyone Needs to Own, 1963-2013

No one buys albums anymore, goes the music industry truism. And yet, for all that the format’s commercial viability may or may not be on the wane, sitting and listening to a great album from start to finish is one of the greatest pleasures that music can bring. Flavorwire recently got to thinking about how one might build a record collection if you really only did buy one record a year. So here’s the result of our thought exercise: 50 albums you really should own, one a year from 1963 until the present… Read More

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65 Immortal Brian Eno Quotes for His 65th Birthday

Brian Peter George St. John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno turns 65 today. He’s been one of the most erudite, intelligent, fascinating (and quietly, delightfully batshit crazy) people in the music industry for the best part of 45 years, and so to celebrate his birthday, we thought we’d do what we’ve done for John Waters and Michael Caine, and round up the most illuminating, interesting and occasionally bewildering things he’s said over the years. Enjoy the collected wisdom of the great man after the jump! … Read More

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The Best Musician Appearances on ‘The Colbert Report’

Iggy and the Stooges were in cracking form on The Colbert Report last night, making them the latest in a long line of bands who’ve appeared as guests on Stephen Colbert’s long-running satirical chat show. Of all the late-night hosts on TV, Colbert seems to get the most amusing interviews and performances out of musicians; here are a selection of The Colbert Report‘s very best musical moments. You’re more than welcome. … Read More

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