Bruce Nauman

Screaming Artworks That Use the Human Howl as Their Focus


We’re not sure how Edvard Munch would feel about his tortured Expressionist painting The Scream being used to sell tote bags, umbrellas, and greeting cards. But the Norwegian painter might get a kick out of knowing that his famous creation was stolen twice — and was luckily recaptured. The painting of an agonized figure set against a hellish landscape — which Munch technically titled Der Schrei der Natur (The Scream of Nature) — has been parodied and imitated so much, the mere expression (à la Home Alone) is instantly recognizable. Nobody depicts a blood-curdling howl quite like Munch, but other artists have used the scream as a focus of their work in fascinating ways.
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50 Great Works of Video Art That You Can Watch Online


For anyone who is enamored with film or remains a devotee of performance, video art can be like a happy marriage between the two. The great works of video art that are available to watch online are like a never-ending museum that is always growing and never closes. This collection should serve as a compact introduction to video art for anyone who’s uninitiated or a handy compilation for anyone who loves the medium but has some trouble finding the good stuff online. …Read More