Revealing Photos of Burlesque Performers In and Out of Costume

Speak to enough burlesque dancers, and you’ll learn that many of them began performing in hopes of finding not a full-time career but a creative outlet — a way to inject a dose of glamor into their daily lives. Sean Scheidt, a photographer who works out of Baltimore, New York, and LA, captures the fascinating and sometimes incongruous relationships between performers’ onstage personae and civilian identities in his series Burlesque, which pairs in-costume photos with shots of the same ladies (and the occasional dude) in their street clothes. … Read More

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Rare Vintage Photos of Big-City Burlesque Beauties of the 1950s

Although it ceased publication in 1955, the Brooklyn Eagle, which was founded in 1841, had the good mind to give its archives over to the Brooklyn Public Library. And while people like to talk about the time we’re living in now as the Golden Era of Brooklyn, one only has to take a few minutes to look through these archives to see that there was truly no place like Brooklyn during the first half of the 20th century. … Read More

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10 Vintage Erotic Attractions That Teased and Pleased

London-based conceptual artists Sam Bompas and Harry Parr (known as Bompas & Parr) have created an immersive exhibition that transformed the Museum of Sex into an erotic fairground. Five different attractions, intended to stimulate and surprise, speak to the sexual subtext of carnivals. FUNLAND: Pleasures & Perils of the Erotic Fairground features a moon bounce made from giant breasts, a rock-climbing wall that uses phalluses and orifices instead of stones, a mirrored “Tunnel of Love,” soundscapes by composer Dom James (Burning Man and the Meaning of Life), and edible treats by the artists. Using fairground eroticism as our inspiration, we explored ten different attractions (individuals and large-scale shows) from a bygone era that teased and pleased. These burlesque performers, nude musicians, and pervy peep shows defied social conventions and bared all. … Read More

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Gorgeous Photographs of Exotic Dancers From the 1890s

Burlesque is an art form that still thrives today in progressive artistic spaces (that is, pretty far away from Scores). The tradition has a long history in America, incorporating talents such as musical abilities and athletic feats. (To strip, as the wise Stephen Sondheim wrote in the classic American musical, you’ve got to have a gimmick.) Exotic dancers today, however, look much different than their artistic predecessors, and these images of burlesque performers taken in the 1890s (found via Lost at E Minor) are a lovely look at the creativity and fashions of a budding artistic movement that celebrated femininity and sexuality. … Read More

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Here’s a Bunch of Photos from a Burlesque Tribute to David Lynch

Friday night, Los Angeles’ monthly burlesque show Peepshow Menagerie presented its fifth annual tribute to David Lynch, with performances paying… Read More

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Flavorpill Guide to the Week’s Top 10 SF Events

San Francisco is home to a breathtaking diversity of cultural events. Between our fair city’s world-class museums, restaurants, bars, art galleries, music scene, festivals, and clubs, between all that is weird and quirky and purely San Franciscan, there’s something going down, somewhere, every single day of the year. Check out our Flavorpill social discovery engine, where you can create and share events with friends, and follow our carefully curated editors’ picks. Below, you’ll find Flavorpill’s top picks for this week — just a little bit of help as you set out into this beautiful wide world of SF’s happenings.  … Read More

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Revealing Photos of Burlesque Stars Nude and in Costume [NSFW]

As any burlesque performer will tell you, the art of striptease is about more than just getting naked. It’s about drama and glamor and imagination. That’s just what Brooklyn-based photographer Van Sarki suggests in his series, Burlesque Compére, which places nude and costumed photos of burlesque stars (many of whom fans of the form are sure to recognize) side by side, juxtaposing the vulnerability of nakedness with the flamboyance of… Read More

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What’s On at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds in Our Office

Today at Flavorpill, we found out what our burlesque name was. We were glad “goat man” doesn’t really exist. We met our hipster dream date and visited the Hipster Olympics in Berlin. We used Selena Gomez’s 20th birthday to predict her entire career arc. We saw… Read More

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Charming Backstage Photos of Modern Vienna Burlesque

Alright, we fess up. We have a curiosity for burlesque, from its deep past to today’s enduring traditions. Pile on the lashes, rev up those tassels, and get glittered up to shimmy, ladies! Here’s a recent good-looking set from photographer George Papadopoulos on Behance, shot in Vienna, backstage, just before a burlesque show. It’s glossy, vibrant, very casual, and a little coy. There’s something about the meticulous costuming that gives the most random of changing rooms a certain opulent flair, isn’t there? Sneak backstage with the gallery below.  … Read More

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Delightful Vintage Burlesque and Vaudeville Photos

Did your aunt spend her youth doing acrobatics mid-air on a ’30s vaudeville stage or flouncing feathers in a 20’s German cabaret? Was your granddad in a circus troupe? Are you in a possession of a rare promotional Moulin Rouge photograph? We’ve been digging through portraits of these glamorous dancers, saucy damsels in tinsel, and troupes of sisters, and we’re a little jealous. So, if your family album is quite a bit more exciting than average, head to the Vintage Vaudeville & Burlesque Images Flickr pool or our comment section and brag. Here are a few highlights. … Read More

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