Cannes Film Festival

New Poster for Gaspar Noé’s ‘Love’ Is Actually Just Hardcore Porn

“With my next film I hope guys will have erections and girls will get wet,” said Enter the Void and Irreversible director Gaspar… Read More

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A Visual History of the Cannes Film Festival Poster

The unveiling of the official Cannes Film Festival poster has become just as exciting as learning about the selections. The festival poster has always attracted the attention of cineastes everywhere, but the striking 2011 poster featuring an elegant 1970 photo of actress Fay Dunaway set against delicate text seemed to renew interest in the art form. In honor of the first Cannes Film Festival, which took place today back in 1946, we’ve compiled a visual history of the Cannes poster. From surreal illustrations, to memorable film stills, and the original artworks of beloved directors, these posters (and accompanying facts) remind us why the annual celebration on the French Riviera is still the most glamorous, essential, and exciting film festival around. … Read More

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12 Riveting 2014 Cannes Film Festival Titles to Watch

The most exciting time of the year for cinephiles has arrived. The 2014 Cannes Film Festival slate was announced earlier this week. This year’s lineup will surely be a feast for the eyes with auteurs new and old returning to the French Riviera red carpet. Opening the fest will be Olivier Dahan’s much-talked about Grace Kelly biopic, Grace of Monaco, starring Nicole Kidman as the movie star turned princess — but there are a number of titles that have merely been hinted at leading up to the announcement. We took a look at 12 of the Cannes features to watch in the coming weeks as trailers and stills continue to roll out in anticipation of the May 14 festival — all absolute must-sees when they arrive in a theater near you. … Read More

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Cannes 2013: How the Festival’s Most Anticipated Films Fared With the Critics — And When You Can See Them

The 66th annual Cannes Film Festival is officially behind us. Drama seemed to leap off the screen on the French Riviera with unseasonable rainy weather, a string of robberies, and plenty of emotional moments. The reviews are in, deals have been inked, and the festival’s most prestigious awards have been granted. We took a look at how the most anticipated titles fared with critics and filled you in on the latest details so you can be there when Cannes’ greatest arrive in a theater near you. … Read More

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The Most Controversial Moments at the Cannes Film Festival

France’s Cannes Film Festival has seen its share of controversies since it started in 1946. Blame the Riviera sun or the filmmaking iconoclasts that gather on the red carpet each year, but various high jinks and bizarre publicity stunts have often dominated the festivities. Bold action isn’t always required to shake things up, however. Often times it’s just the movies themselves that cause a scene with audiences and the Cannes jury. With the current 66th annual festival underway, we wanted to take a look at ten of Cannes most controversial moments. … Read More

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Flavorwire's Flick of the Week: 'Holy Motors'

It’s been thirteen long years since Leos Carax made his last feature film, and as you watch Holy Motors, the film that ended that long drought, you get the feeling that the filmmaker wanted to use it to make all of the movies he should have made in the interim. It almost has the feel of a completed checklist, a film comprised of what appear, at first, to be incompatible parts: oddball romance, family drama, black crime comedy, musical, etc. Only as the loose ends and odd bits begin to stack up do we get a sense of what Carax is up to — and it’s something peculiar and rather marvelous. … Read More

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Michael Haneke’s Cannes Palme d’Or Winner ‘Amour’ Gets Release Date

Michael Haneke’s new movie Amour wasn’t the sure bet to win Cannes’ prestigious Palme d’Or award at this year’s festival. Italian director Nanni Moretti — who was sitting at the head of the 2012 jury panel — wasn’t quiet about his profound dislike for the filmmaker’s 1997 violent psychological thriller Funny Games, and Haneke recently won the Palme for 2009 period drama The White Ribbon. Regardless, Amour took home the venerable award for its deeply emotional story about an elderly couple facing their mortality (Jean-Louis Trintignant and Emmanuelle Riva). Isabelle Huppert stars in the film as their daughter who lives abroad. Eventually a health scare tests the bonds of the family.

The film doesn’t open in the UK until November 16, and just this morning no US release date had been announced yet. Deadline delivered the good news this evening, however, that Amour will be released in Los Angeles and New York on December 19. Head to the nearest theater this winter for a closer look at the winning, intimate drama. We’ve shared a trailer for Haneke’s film past the break. … Read More

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