Carlene Bauer

Great Literary Characters Inspired by Real Famous People


This week will see the release of a book we’re pretty excited about: Carlene Bauer’s Frances and Bernard, a novel inspired by the relationship between Flannery O’Connor and Robert Lowell. After the jump, we’ve put together a list of some other great novels with characters inspired by real life people that have caught the cultural consciousness — excepting works that are primarily autobiographical, and focusing on books that are not just historical fiction, but true adaptations (names are changed!) of people and events. Read through our list after the jump, and if we missed your favorite in this category, be sure to add it on in the comments.
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Sin and the City: A Q&A With Not That Kind of Girl Author Carlene Bauer


I should have read the description more carefully, but blogs have made me lazy. Not That Kind of Girl isn’t simply a tale of how the “good girl” lost her faith through drinking at raucous parties and romps with unfamiliar men, though you will find a bit of that here. Instead, Not That Kind of Girl is a thoughtful memoir about one young woman’s slow and arduous attempts to break up with God, a task at which she finally succeeds with a little help from New York… Read More