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14 Great Poets on Their Favorite Love Poems

Valentine’s Day is upon us, but don’t despair if you’re still stuck on finding that perfect love poem to scribble inside your beau’s pink card (or croon drunkenly from a snowy patch below your girlfriend’s bedroom window, whatever floats your boat). We’ve asked a few great poets to tell us their favorite love poem or the line of poetry they find most romantic — and why, so you can sound smart when you steal… Read More

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10 Feminist Poets You Should Know

When we think of feminist poetry, we think of Adrienne Rich, one of the most influential poets of the past century, not to mention one of the most important feminist poets. Had she not passed away earlier this year, today would have been Rich’s 83rd birthday, so to celebrate her life, we’ve put together a list of feminist poets still living and continuing her legacy. Because Feminist Ryan Gosling only goes so far. Click through to see a few feminist poets you should probably know about, and since there are of course many more than we can list here, let us know if we missed your favorite in the comments. … Read More

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New Novels About Wives, Interrupted

In “The Wife of Bath’s Tale” Geoffrey Chaucer writes about a queen who offers a lascivious knight the following option in court: if he can discover what women most desire within a year, his life will be spared. If he cannot, he will die. As he roams from placed to place and as different women offer contradictory answers, he realizes he may never find the correct response, until he finds an old woman who whispers the truth in his ear — women want sovereignty over men. In Chaucer’s mind, it’s that simple. However, the  books we’ve rounded up deal with the complex topic of spousal authority and interrupted lives through a different lens, be it via the experience of a young doctor dealing with an abrupt death in the family, a bride living in the shadow of a brash writer in Jazz Age Paris, or a woman desperately searching for a man to take care of her. These are the wives of history, and we are finally able to see their side of the story. … Read More

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Somewhere Elizabeth Barrett Browning Is Smiling [Literary Links]

Carol Ann Duffy named first female poet laureate of Britain [via NYT]

The 50th birthday of Strunk and White is commemorated by… snubs? [via NYT]

Whodunit? A love poem stands trial in Winnipeg [via Star]

Hi, I’m Philip Roth, and I love the great outdoors [via htmlgiant]

Also, an online book… Read More

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