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50 Cultural Icons on Their Favorite Books

Everybody loves a good book. Yes, everybody — even the rich, famous and culturally relevant. And since there’s nothing better than a book recommendation from someone you already idolize, why not check out which ones they count as their favorites? Maybe you’ll wind up finding out that you have even more in common with Lady Gaga than you thought. Click through to find out which books your favorite cultural icons, from Bill Murray to Joan Didion to Nas, love best — and get to padding that reading… Read More

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Rare Images of the Kennedys and Radziwills Summering in Montauk

If you’re not ready for today to be the first day of autumn, we’ve got quite the antidote: This Side of Paradise an exhibition of rare and personal images of the Kennedy and Radziwill families taken by filmmaker Jonas Mekas during the summers he spent with them in Montauk in the 1970s. This exhibit, which opens September 24 at the agnès b. Galerie Boutique, marks the first time these images are on view in New York City in their entirety. The photos were taken from the original 16mm film This Side of Paradise: Fragments of an Unfinished Biography, shot during the time Mekas spent with John Jr. and Caroline with their cousins Anthony and Tina Radziwill at a house that Lee Radziwill rented from Andy Warhol.

“The time was still very close to the untimely, tragic death of John F. Kennedy,” Mekas wrote in his journal. “Jackie wanted to give something to her children to do, to help ease the transition of life without a father.” Peter Beard suggested to Jackie Kennedy that Mekas, the founder of Anthology Film Archives, was the man to introduce her kids to cinema. She said yes. Mekas bought John Jr. and Caroline a 16mm camera, and wrote a “mini-textbook” with simple exercises. “And that’s how it all began,” he wrote. Click through for a slideshow of images on view at the exhibit, and take in a special screening of the film on October 13. … Read More

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Inside the National Arts Awards: Redford, Ruscha, and Rushdie Honored

Robert Redford, Ed Ruscha, and Salman Rushdie were among the honorees at last week’s 2009 National Arts Awards, presented by Americans for the Arts — the same organization that benefits from the sales of Shepard Fairey and Jennifer Gross’ new publication, Art for Obama.… Read More

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Tabloid Headlines: Nora Ephron Bitchslaps Erica Jong!

Like we said, “tabloid headlines,” people. The actual, verbal smackdown wasn’t quite so dramatic, but it did send a roll of chuckles/gasps through the auditorium at the 92nd Street Y, where folks gathered last night for a panel talk with HuffPo bloggers. The catfight in question ensued when an audience member broke the news (someone so didn’t follow instructions to turn off all cellular devices) that Caroline Kennedy had removed herself from the New York Senate “race,” and asked for reactions from the panelists.

Erica Jong — somewhat predictably — immediately rose to Kennedy’s defense, asking us whether we could truly know how much she had sacrificed, raising a family under intense scrutiny and sheltering them, instead of perhaps, you know, forging a political career that might have prepared her for a seat in the Senate. After Jong howled that Kennedy naysayers were sexist, Ephron leaned into her mic to dryly reply (also: fairly predictably), “Oh come on. Not everything is sexist.” Just as fur began to fly on stage, panelist Paul Rieckhoff — who happens to be the founder and head of the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America — gamely swept in to redirect the conversation. Yes, it took a former Army lieutenant to end a spat between two 60-something women.

The discussion on whole was one big Obama love-fest, with Arianna Huffington and her fellow panelists extolling his virtues and their hopes to a huge room of Democrats. “Preaching to the choir,” and all that, yes; but find a few other takeaway moments worth sharing after the jump. … Read More

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