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Watch Helena Bonham Carter Being Cute and Cate Blanchett Being Evil in ‘Cinderella’ Trailer

Who would think that, after the likes of Ever After, A Cinderella Story, Ella Enchanted, Cinderella, … Read More

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Contrary to Sexist Oscar Blogger Opinion, Movies About Women Make Money

You’ve gotta feel bad for Oscar bloggers. First of all, they’re Oscar bloggers. (Hahaha, I kid.) Second, due to the very definition of their job description, they have to spend something like the next six months basically twiddling their thumbs, waiting for awards season to begin anew at Toronto and Telluride. Some are coping by writing desperate “Wait, wait — what about next year” Oscar 2015 prediction posts. (Only a schmuck would attempt such a fool’s errand.) But at least one, Gold Derby’s Marcus James Dixon, decided the way to keep getting post-Oscar clicks was to pat Cate Blanchett on the head and assure her that no, sweetheart, people don’t want to see movies about ladies. … Read More

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Cate Blanchett Honors Phillip Seymour Hoffman: Links You Need to See

Happy President’s Day, folks! Have you purchased a new car or a new mattress today? More importantly, have you been reading the internet? Here are some links just for you! … Read More

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How ‘Monuments Men’ Went Horribly Wrong

On paper, The Monuments Men sounded unstoppable: A killer ensemble cast (including Matt Damon, Bill Murray, John Goodman, Jean Dujardin, Bob Balaban, and Cate Blanchett) backing up co-writer/star George Clooney’s dramatization of how a crew of art historians, artists, and architects saved scores of stolen art in the last days of WWII, a kind of Dirty Dozen by way of Ocean’s 11. This very site put it on our “most anticipated movies of the year” list — not once, but twice. … Read More

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‘NY Post’ Wants to Know: What’s With All the Ladies at the Golden Globes?

It is increasingly rare, in this day and age, to observe stark, raw, pure sexism in the pages of a major metropolitan newspaper. Oh, it’s there, don’t get me wrong — but writers and editors usually have the good sense to filter it through obfuscating language and rhetorical devices, leaving readers to dig out the subtext themselves. And that’s what’s sort of remarkable about Kyle Smith’s New York Post review of the Golden Globes, which became yesterday’s essential hate-read: this shit is pure as the driven snow. This is uncut. If it were cocaine, it’d be sitting in a mountainous pile on Tony Montana’s desk. … Read More

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Flavorwire Interview: Andrew Dice Clay on Woody Allen, Regrets… and Gay Marriage

When the cast list was first revealed for Woody Allen’s new movie Blue Jasmine, one name prompted a fair amount of head-scratching. Cate Blanchett makes sense; he has a long history of writing great roles for terrific actresses. Sally Hawkins and Alec Baldwin had both worked with Allen before. Allen loves to cast stand-ups with similar comic sensibilities, so Louis C.K. was a grand slam. But Andrew Dice Clay? The controversial ‘90s icon and bad boy comedian was doing a Woody Allen movie? … Read More

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Here’s All the Great Stuff Louis C.K. Said at the ‘Blue Jasmine’ Press Conference

Yesterday’s press conference for the new Woody Allen film Blue Jasmine featured four members of the film’s impressive cast, and was full of good stories: Cate Blanchett talked about how she got involved via two of Woody’s notoriously brief casting conversations (“He and I spoke for about three and a half minutes,” before he sent the script, and “another 45 seconds when we agreed to do the film together”); Peter Sarsgaard recalled Allen’s sometimes brusque direction (“You sound like an actor saying lines”); Andrew Dice Clay discussed his motivation in his scenes (“I didn’t like Cate’s character too much because I hate the rich”). But the star of the afternoon was Louis C.K., whether joking around with Dice (“You’ve been rich for, like, 40 years though, man”) or cracking up the press with his stories about getting cast and making the film. When you put a microphone in front of Louie, he just goes, and he’s funny. Here’s what he had to say about the experience: … Read More

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