The Life of Cats in Historic Japanese Woodblock Prints

They were brought to Japan on ships during the mid-sixth century to protect sacred Buddhist scriptures during transport, but quickly became a central element of Japanese life, appearing in art and folklore throughout the ages. Cats populate the ukiyo-e woodblock prints of the Edo Period (1615-1867). Japan Society Gallery will be presenting a selection of these historic prints, which include the longest-lasting image of a cat in Japanese literature and more. “Much that is fundamental to the Japanese character can be gleaned from these historic popular prints that feature cats in everyday life and lore,” notes Miwako Tezuka, director of the gallery. Half of the works will be on view through April 26, while the rest will be exhibited from April 29 to June 7. Bewhiskered kabuki actors, exotic predators, anthropomorphized felines, and other cats await you in our preview of Life of Cats: Selections from the Hiraki Ukiyo-e Collection. … Read More

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The Celebrity Cats and Dogs of 2014

It’s no secret that cats and dogs dominate the Internet (though cats would take issue with that statement). Throughout the year, adorable photos and heartwarming stories about feline fuzzballs and canine companions distracted us from the daily grind. They became celebrities. With the end of the year in sight, we felt it was only proper to give the most popular pussycats and pups their due. Here are some of the greatest cats and dogs that ruled our hearts in 2014. There is an endless supply of adorbs in the animal department, so be sure to mention any personal favorites, below. … Read More

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Rudy Giuliani Defends ‘Call of Duty': Links You Need To See

Today’s been a strange day for news. Rudy Giuliani is serving as co-counsel on a suit filed by Manuel Noriega – former dictator of Panama (who’s currently in prison for, you know, murder). His suit asserts that his depiction in Call of Duty: Black Ops is a “blatant misuse” of his image, and, according to PC Gamer, he’s offended by his portrayal “as an antagonist and… as the culprit of numerous fictional heinous crimes.” I definitely recommend watching the video (viewable at PC Gamer) in which Giuliani haughtily defends the “good American company” that made Call of Duty. … Read More

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You’ve Seen Richard Linklater’s ‘Boyhood’ — Here’s Richard Linklitter’s ‘Cathood’

If you live to see groundbreaking indie film experiments transformed into cat memes, well, here is one of the… Read More

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10 Poetic Tributes to Cats

Esteemed American poet T. S. Eliot had a deep love of cats, evidenced in his 1939 collection of humorous poems, Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats. The whimsical work was originally composed to amuse his godchildren and friends, but earned the admiration of feline fanciers the world over (and inspired Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cats). And Eliot isn’t the only poet with a fondness for four-legged furballs. We’ve collected ten other poems for pussycats — tributes to their mystique and reflections on their place in our (lesser) human… Read More

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Bizarre, Hilarious Portraits of Cats Photoshopped to Resemble Their Owners

Few quotidian occurrences are quite as delightful as spotting a pet that, true to the cliché, really does resemble its owner. Sebastian Magnani cheats more than a little bit to achieve this effect, but with delightful results. A few years ago, in Underdogs, he used Photoshop to place canines in their owners’ clothing. Now he’s back with UnderCats (spotted via My Modern Met), a painstakingly crafted series that does the same thing with humans and their feline friends. If you’re dying to see a cat in bleach-blond dreadlocks — and really, who isn’t? — then this is surely the photo project for you. … Read More

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Fascinating Photos of a Rural Feral Cat Colony

Clearly, you can’t go wrong with pictures of cats on the Internet, but these images by Wisconsin photographer Jason Houge are a long way from the world of LOLcats babbling in 36-point Impact. They document a colony of feral cats that live near Houge’s rural home, and do an excellent job of capturing the animals’ personalities and the lives they lead — you’re reminded that despite how close they can be to humans, cats are as alien to us as any other animal, driven by primal motivations and a view of the world that’s very different from ours. The pictures — which we spotted at Feature Shoot — are for sale here, with proceeds going toward the medical care and feeding of the colony. … Read More

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Adorable Photos of Metalheads and Their Pet Cats

Musician, jewelry designer, and metal fan Alexandra Crockett looked past the corpse paint to reveal the softer side of menacing-looking metalheads, by way of their pet cats. Due out in May, the adorably evil Metal Cats features the felines that make these musicians, promoters, fans, and others purr. Members of bands like Morbid Angel, Napalm Death, Black Goat, Isis, and Exhumed are featured throughout. A portion of the proceeds from the book will be donated to no-kill shelters in the cities hosting a series of related benefit… Read More

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