Grammy Nominees 2015 Announced

Today, the Recording Academy is drawing out what is usually a live TV special into an all-day affair across… Read More

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‘The Good Wife’ Season 6 Episode 10 Recap: “The Trial”

What a fucking mess.

When on its game, The Good Wife is easily one of the most amusing shows on television and the same thing can be said about the show with regards to its handling of its many dramatic moments. If we’ve learned anything from “The Trial” is that where the show fails is at attempting to seamlessly blend the two elements into something akin to harmonious. So disparate are the alternate sides of this week’s episode, its nigh impossible to talk about them as a cohesive whole so let’s break them up. … Read More

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‘The Good Wife’ Season 6 Episode 9 “Sticky Content”

Here’s how you know The Good Wife is different from every other show on television: it took me a full hour before I realized I shouldn’t be mad at Peter Florrick. … Read More

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Children’s Book ‘You Have to Fucking Eat’ Read by Bryan Cranston

The long-awaited sequel to Adam Mansbach’s Go the Fuck to Sleep, a “children’s book for adults,” famously read aloud by… Read More

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Bryan Cranston and ‘House’ Creator David Shore Writing and Executive Producing CBS Crime Drama ‘Sneaky Pete’

After having spent five seasons committing (within the safe space of television) just about every crime imaginable, it isn’t surprising that… Read More

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‘The Good Wife’ Season 6 Episode 8 Recap: “Red Zone”

There are few shows on television that I enjoy in the moment as much as The Good Wife and fewer still where after a perfectly enjoyable episode I’ll stop and wonder to myself, “Wait. What the hell did I just watch?” It’s not that the show is particularly dense, but rather that it has so many entertaining moving parts that it’s difficult to see it as a whole until after the fact and in that light, much easier to be a little underwhelmed. … Read More

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Rating the Potential of 15 Upcoming Film-to-TV Adaptations

Each year, the chatter about television networks running out of new ideas gets louder and louder. Every season unleashes a slew of projects with overdone premises (a group of attractive friends dating in a big city!) and watered-down remakes of British programs (Gracepoint) or remakes of once-popular American shows (The Odd Couple). It looks like the trend next season will be film-to-TV adaptations. This isn’t shocking — About a Boy is a surprise hit for NBC, Fargo was renewed by FX, and 12 Monkeys will soon premiere on Syfy — but now it seems networks are picking up every adaptation they can get their hands on, no matter how bad it sounds. Here’s the rundown on 15 adaptations that are in the works and their potential. … Read More

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‘The Good Wife’ Season 6 Episode 7 Recap: “Message Discipline”

About five and a half minutes into this week’s episode of The Good Wife, two white guys in suits begin talking about the events in Ferguson, Missouri, while three other white guys in suits look on. The reference is a throwaway; the camera almost immediately cuts away and the dialogue fades into the background before anyone really gets into the meat of the topic. The mention is almost certainly included as a way to ground the audience in the idea that The Good Wife’s universe is our own and these events are happening in real time. … Read More

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‘The Good Wife’ Season 6 Episode 6 Recap: “Old Spice”

I see what you’re doing The Good Wife and I don’t care for it.

See, way back before I was a completely unknown television critic, back when I was still putting off bedtimes by sitting quietly and reading a book in the hopes that my exhausted parents would mistake me for a particularly lumpy throw pillow, I would use my couch camouflage skills to stay up to watch any number of TV dramas. Among the series was Moonlighting, which I didn’t understand a lick of but appreciated for the fast talking, sexy grown-up chemistry, and best theme song this side of Growing Pains. However, even as a child, I was irritated by how much time the show spent with the zany secretary and her even zanier love interest. What I was picking up on in those episodes is the fact that the show was choosing to focus on those characters with growing frequency because of off-camera problems with the leads filming schedules. … Read More

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‘The Good Wife’ Season 6 Episode 5 Recap: “Shiny Things”

What distracts you? In the process of writing this review, tons of stuff distracted me. The Internet, obviously, but more specifically Twitter, Reddit subforums, Amazon, Facebook, Wikipedia, checking other people’s Good Wife reviews, biting my nails, Shazam-ing the song from the opening scene (“Oh, it was used in Finding Forrester.”), wondering about candy, eating candy, regretting candy… to name a few. “Shiny Things” is all about distractions, those titular shiny objects that pull attention from the matter at hand, a phenomenon most obviously represented in the return of everyone’s favorite legal savant, Elsbeth Tascioni (Carrie Preston). … Read More

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