Channing Tatum

More Ridiculous Pop Culture-Inspired Merch


Ever the fans of absurd pop culture-inspired merch, the bizarre Kim Kardashian Human Centipede tee got our attention earlier this week. Clearly, it’s time to round up more of the ridiculous merch that we’ve crossed paths with, including clothes we would never wear. …Read More

‘Twas a Magical Day, ‘Twas a Dumb Day: Links You Need to See


Once again, Tatum has Channed. That statement is purely meaningless, but because of the thorough sexual flaunting of his famous bod in all things Magic Mike, even his name is evocative of an erotic dance, itself seeming to spill out of the thong of language. Or something. In honor of the release of Magic Mike XXL, UPROXX has put together a history of Channing Tatum’s own former stripper career. 
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Flavorwire’s Guide to 2015 Summer Movies


This Friday, just like the first weekend of every May since 2007, a new movie based on a Marvel comic book will open in thousands of theaters across the country, will make all the money, and will serve as the official starter pistol for summer movie season. And for many a seasoned moviegoer, that’s a cue for despair; after all, summer has become synonymous with big, bloated, stupid blockbusters of the Transformers school. And make no mistake, there’s plenty of those on the runway this season (how ya doin’, Terminator Genisys, it’s pretty funny that you’re actually going with that spelling). But don’t go into cinematic hibernation just yet; there’s also a steady stream of first-rate indie-flick counterprogramming on the runway, and some of the big movies actually sound pretty good. So, as a public service to you, the discerning moviegoer, we’ve assembled a month-by-month look at what might actually be worth your time and …Read More