Spike Lee Is Eyeing Kanye West and Samuel L. Jackson for His Next Feature Film, ‘Chiraq’

Spike Lee is looking to cast Samuel L. Jackson, Jeremy Piven, Common, and Kanye West in his next feature-length… Read More

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Your Favorite Indie Record Stores Explain Why a Global Album Release Day Is a Bad Idea

A few weeks back, it was announced that the record industry had decided that from August, all albums around the globe will be released on Fridays. Well, some of the record industry had decided. For independent record stores in North America and the UK, though, the shift from Mondays and Tuesdays, respectively, doesn’t make much sense. “Friday and Saturday are your busy days anyway,” says Josh Madell, cofounder of Other Music, one of lower Manhattan’s last great indie record stores. “Why concentrate everything at the end of the week?” … Read More

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Flavorwire Premiere: Short Film ‘Baby Crazy’ Turns Family Planning Into Magical Realism, Celebrates Chicago Music Scene

Up until recently, Haroula Rose was known primarily as a folk singer-songwriter. Her songs have shown up on American Horror Story, Justify, and How I Met Your Mother, but Rose’s transition to the screen extends beyond the soundtrack. Here, in her proper short film debut “Baby Crazy,” the L.A. transplant explores what “‘being ready’ even means” when it comes to starting a family, all the while subtly celebrating the Chicago music scene she came up in. … Read More

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The Frustrating Geographical Inaccuracy of ‘Home Alone 2: Lost In New York’

Every Thanksgiving weekend, I like to watch the 1992 Chris Columbus-John Hughes classic Home Alone 2: Lost in New York to kick off the holiday season. And every year, I end up ranting about how there’s no way Kevin McAllister could run from The Plaza Hotel to his uncle Rob’s house on West 95th Street while the wet bandits nip at his heels. … Read More

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Dave Grohl Sets His Rock Savior Schtick Aside for Solid Storytelling in HBO’s ‘Sonic Highways’

Forty minutes into the first episode of Dave Grohl’s eight-part HBO docuseries, Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways, he starts singing out a heavy baritone guitar part to Cheap Trick’s Rick Nielsen in the most dramatic of manners, waving his hands like a marching band conductor. (Grohl, it should be noted, was just seen wearing a T-shirt with Nielsen’s face on it.) He breaks eye contact with the underrated guitar great just twice in the ten-second exchange, instead looking right at the camera as if to make sure there was footage of him directing yet another one of rock’s legends. … Read More

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‘David Bowie Is’ the Movie Doesn’t Do ‘David Bowie Is’ the Exhibit Justice

A documentary about a museum exhibit is a hard sell. Why not skip the middle man and see the exhibit for yourself? But when it comes to David Bowie, there are no rules. Fans will not only come out for a documentary cataloguing the Victoria & Albert Museum’s groundbreaking David Bowie Is exhibit, they’ll travel far and wide to see the V&A’s career-spanning deep-dive in person. … Read More

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Routine Interruptions on Tour

Presented by Heineken

Heineken and Flavorpill have now successfully interrupted approximately 500 routines (and made thousands of phone calls in the process), all around the country. The contest runs through this month, so there’s still time for you to win an interruption, too. Winners have escaped the ordinary by attending underground dance parties, speakeasies, and concerts in Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and more. Check out photo highlights from Keep on Movin’, Honeycut, Lights Down Low, and Bang On! below, and remember: you’re only as fun as your last adventure. Enter to win your own Routine Interruption now! … Read More

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Where to Start with the 13,000 Concert Videos in YouTube’s Music Vault

Last week, YouTube announced a partnership with Music Vault that brought thousands of remastered, high-quality live performances to the platform. More than 13,000 of these concert clips, to be exact, spanning every rock legend of the last 50 years all the way to modern indie favorites (and even a baffling amount of Limp Bizkit.) No longer will late-night YouTube rabbit-holes be relegated to lo-fi bootlegs or shaky cell phone footage, huzzah! The partnership marks an initial step in YouTube’s increased interest in the music space. … Read More

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Offbeat Adventures in Chicago

Presented by New Belgium

It stands to reason that Chicago’s second-city complex would lead to a lot of validation-seeking boasting and bragging – and it sure can. But there’s also that pesky Midwestern meekness, not to mention a well-learned, necessity-birthed knack for the clandestine (see our storied histories of speakeasies, house-music loft parties, alternative-exhibition galleries, etc.), both of which contribute to an undeniable fact: This town can keep a secret. Without giving away too much, we’ve decided to open the vault on a few favorite hidden gems, off-the-beaten-path highlights, and obscure delights, plus one bonus offbeat adventure: New Belgium’s Tour de Fat, an annual celebration of “bikes, beer & bemusement,” lands Saturday, July 12th at Palmer Square with a bike parade, dance contest, live music, and thousands of local cycling enthusiasts. Don’t miss it! … Read More

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