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10 Beautiful Children’s Toys That Double as Design Pieces

With the growing number of innovative, covetable toys flooding the market, we generally divide children’s toys into two categories: there are the toys that we wish we had when we were growing up and then there are the toys we wish we had now. The latter group interests us much more for obvious reasons. Gone are the weird, felt-made animals and oddly-smelling plastic figurines of our childhood, designers have started creating beautifully crafted toys that would blend just as seamlessly in a modern loft as a child’s playroom. Inspired by the fantastic Century of the Child exhibition currently up at the MoMA, after the jump we’ve rounded up some of our favorite design-minded toys that we wouldn’t mind showcasing in our homes. … Read More

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Children’s Drawings Transformed into Cool Plush Toys

Some of the world’s most wonderfully strange works of art aren’t hanging on gallery walls — they’re stuck to the refrigerators of proud parents. Artist Dave DeVries knew this when he launched The Monster Engine, in which he creates realistic paintings based on children’s drawings. But actual kids will probably be more excited about Sunny Little Studio, a company run by a pair of friends that transforms their sketches into plush toys and pillows, which we discovered via Doodlers Anonymous. Their 3D reinterpretations of everything from penguins to smiling hot dogs capture the messy exuberance of the source material, resulting in toys that are charmingly childlike. See a selection of Sunny Little Studio’s creations after the jump, then visit their website to learn more about the company — or, you know, order us one of those purple robots. … Read More

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Wanted: A Gorgeous Rocking Horse Made From a Tree Stump

If it were up to Tel Aviv-based artist and designer Hilla Shamia, Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree might have been a few pages longer. Answering all our childhood woodsman-warrior fantasies, Shamia has created this incredibly gorgeous and simple rocking horse out of a natural stump, using “the natural properties of the round bole” to give… Read More

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