Christian Marclay

50 Great Works of Video Art That You Can Watch Online


For anyone who is enamored with film or remains a devotee of performance, video art can be like a happy marriage between the two. The great works of video art that are available to watch online are like a never-ending museum that is always growing and never closes. This collection should serve as a compact introduction to video art for anyone who’s uninitiated or a handy compilation for anyone who loves the medium but has some trouble finding the good stuff online. …Read More

SFMOMA’s Countdown Celebration: Looking Forward


This weekend, SFMOMA does an epic countdown to its temporary three-year closing, with ceremonies and activities befitting a major metropolitan art museum. Prompted by a partnership with the Doris and Donald Fisher family (the family behind the Gap Inc. empire), the museum is embarking on what they’re dubbing a “Campaign to Transform SFMOMA,” starting with expanding the current museum to make room to exhibit some of the 1,100 works of the private Fisher Collection. The expansion will result in a new building that will house nearly six times the current museum space when SFMOMA reopens in early 2016.
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