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Your Weekly TV News Roundup: Christina Hendricks Joins Comedy Central Sitcom, ‘Top of the Lake’ Gets Season 2

The television world moves so fast that by the time you learn of a show’s premiere, it could already be canceled. It’s hard to keep track of the constant stream of television news, so Flavorwire is here to provide a weekly roundup of the most exciting — and baffling — casting and development updates. This week: Christina Hendricks joins the comedy American Period, Manhattan and Top of the Lake get Season 2 renewals, and truTV gets stoned.  … Read More

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50 Cultural Icons on What They Were Like as Teenagers

It’s hard out there for a teenager. It’s even kind of hard out there for those of us who used to be teenagers — especially in these back-to-school months, when the nostalgia comes creeping up like those floods we used to wear and never, ever should again. But you know who was probably even stranger than you in high school? Your favorite cultural icon. Or maybe not — as is only to be expected, some had joyful (and/or prank-filled) teenage years, some suffered tragedies, some were completely weird, some were popular, and some deserve our respect for even getting through. Click through to read 50 cultural icons on their teenage… Read More

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Melissa McCarthy Is Just Like Every Other Plus-Size Woman: Searching for Cute Clothes

When you Google Melissa McCarthy, the top automated search suggestion is “Melissa McCarthy weight.” Sure, McCarthy stars on a popular TV show in which her plus-size status is central to the concept (Mike & Molly), but the fascination with her weight is voyeuristic at best, fat-shaming at worst.

This is nothing new, of course. The public is cruel when it comes to celebrity standards of beauty. But this week came another reminder that the problem extends beyond viewers. Despite being one of Hollywood’s most unanimous sweethearts in recent years — magazine editors, please try out a different tagline than “favorite funny gal” — McCarthy struggles to find designers to dress her on the red carpet. … Read More

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Flavorwire’s Guide to Indie Flicks to See in May

Tonight, a certain overworked web slinger will swing into something like 4000 screens across the country, kicking off the summer movie season in an appropriate fashion: with a big, dumb, terrible franchise movie that will gross more money than most of us can even imagine. But don’t worry — contrary to what the ubiquitous marketing campaigns of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and a handful of others might indicate, there are other movies coming out this summer, and here are a few worth seeking out this month. … Read More

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Sundance 2014: ‘Mad Men’s’ John Slattery and Christina Hendricks Take a Moody Trip to ‘God’s Pocket’

PARK CITY, UTAH: John Slattery first read Pete Dexter’s novel God’s Pocket a good ten years ago, and knew that it would make a dynamite movie—but someone else had the rights. “And I forgot about it,” he told the audience at the film’s Sundance premiere Friday. Five years passed, and when he made another inquiry, he discovered that it was available. So he wrestled with the book, working up an outline that became a draft screenplay, “and then I called to say, ‘Okay, let’s go ahead,’ and they said, ‘Oh, we made a mistake, it’s still not available.’” Luckily for Slattery, he’d made a name for himself in the interim playing Roger Sterling on Mad Man (and directing several episodes of that show), so he was finally able to get the movie made, with Philip Seymour Hoffman in the lead, and Richard Jenkins, John Turturro, and his Mad Men co-star Christina Hendricks in supporting roles. The resulting film is, it must be said, a bit unruly. But Slattery shows real promise as a director, guiding his actors with ease and effectively evoking a very specific time and place. … Read More

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Time to Over-Analyze These Amazing ‘Mad Men’ Season 6 Promo Photos

After a barrage of posters, trailers, and cast interview videos that have told us basically nothing, the release of Mad Men‘s official Season 6 is a bit of a relief. The pictures only hint at what’s to come, through the poses characters strike together, but there’s still plenty to notice. Don and Megan’s relationship still seems to have some spark to it; Betty and Henry’s, not so much. But it’s Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce’s newest partner, Joan, who stands out most of all, resplendent as an Egyptian queen in blue and gold. We also see her and Peggy together in one photo, which makes us wonder whether the two of them will be conspiring again this season. Let the over-analysis begin! … Read More

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Flavorwire’s Guide to Movies You Need to Stream This Week

Welcome to Flavorwire’s streaming movie guide, in which we help you sift through the scores of movies streaming on Netflix, Hulu, and other services to find the best of the recently available, freshly relevant, or soon to expire. This week, we’ve got titles from Liam Neeson, Richard Gere, Ben Stiller, Juliette Binoche, Adrian Brody, Josh Brolin, Bryan Cranston, Christina Hendricks, Mary Tyler Moore, and Adam Sandler, a must-see documentary, and comedy from Patton Oswalt and Zach Galifianakis; check them all out after the jump, and follow the title links to watch them right now. … Read More

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Ryan Gosling to Make His Directorial Debut

Whether he’s performing random acts of heroism on the streets of Manhattan or inadvertently becoming the face of a meme based in feminist theory, Ryan Gosling is a celebrity who consistently challenges whatever notions we have about him — a real rarity in Hollywood. The latest curve ball: The Playlist reports that the… Read More

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