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Grannies Smoke Weed While Grapples Repel Birds: Links You Need to See

The Internet is all about syntheses — this post, for example, promises to be a synthesis of dizzyingly unrelated materials from other websites, rendered marginally cohesive only by their proximity to one another herein. What better a place to talk, then, about the Grapple, the newest unnecessary synthesis of two fruits? Now, I’ve fallen victim to the homey allure of apple pie gum and the near-erotic delight of a Gusher or two (they still exist)! I’ve even had highly conflicting feelings about genetically engineered products. But one thing that somehow seems like the end of the world is the “Grapple,” on which Munchies has made a lengthy video. … Read More

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Every Christopher Nolan Movie, Ranked

This weekend, something like $50 million worth of sci-fi fans, celluloid fetishists, and McConnaissance true believers who don’t mind movies where their savior is wearing a shirt will take in Interstellar, the ninth film from indie-darling-turned-brand-name Christopher Nolan. Of course, a healthy fraction of that opening-weekend gross will be attributable to visits by the Nolanites, the rabid fans who devour all of his work with borderline-religious fervor. So, where does Interstellar fall among the oeuvre so far? My current power ranking follows; your mileage may (and, considering the subject, almost certainly will)… Read More

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Messy, Ambitious ‘Interstellar’ Is Christopher Nolan’s ‘White Album’

I’ve been a Beatles fan since I was something like eight years old, but it took me until somewhere in my late 20s to realize I preferred The White Album to my previous “favorite” Beatles albums, Sgt. Pepper and Abbey Road. It wasn’t that I was possessed by a heretofore unrealized dislike for those records — far from it. Extensive return visits had confirmed that they’re pretty much perfect pop albums, the songwriting, production, and performance all tip-top. The White Album is not perfect. It’s a double album when a single would certainly have sufficed, filled with tracks that vary from goofy (“Martha My Dear,” “Don’t Pass Me By”) to bizarre (“Bungalow Bill,” “Wild Honey Pie”) to fucking unlistenable (“Revolution 9”). … Read More

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“Those Aren’t Mountains. Those Are Waves”: The Latest ‘Interstellar’ Trailer is Here

The lead-up to Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar has been characteristically enigmatic, with teasers, trailers, and posters mostly hinting at… Read More

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