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What Your Clichéd Band Name Says About You

Apart from seeing a bazillion bands over the course of four days, one of the fun parts of the CMJ Music Marathon is giggling at all the silly band names. Every year bands seem to want to outdo one another as far as outlandish names go — our pick this year is Vagina Panther, with strong competition from Electric Umbilical Cord and Kung Fu Crimewave — and after a while, you start to notice that the same words crop up again and again. What can it all mean? We’ve applied our highly scientific stereotyping technique to some of the most fashionable band name words of 2012 — so now, if you want to go and see Wild Magic Bear or Psychic Dirty Moon or Ghost Beach (spoiler: at least one of these names is real), you’ll know exactly what to expect. Also, if two or more of these words feature in one band name, you can be sure that the band in question a) is most likely from Brooklyn and b) had their name chosen by their PR company. … Read More

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Flavorpill CMJ Guide 2012: What's Worth Your Time

Hopefully you’ve been eating your Wheaties and dutifully taking your vitamin C, and you’re ready to face this year’s CMJ Music Marathon. But even for the most ardent fan, the five-day onslaught of shows taking place all over lower Manhattan and Brooklyn can be intimidating and exhausting. That’s where we come in. Flavorpill’s resident music nerds have put together this distilled list of “can’t-miss” showcases and artists. If we’ve written about a band or artist previously, we’ve linked to that piece so you have an idea of where these recommendations are coming from. Now go forth and rock! … Read More

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The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories

1. The Washington Monument — along with the 100-foot radius around it — has been shut down indefinitely after yesterday’s earthquake caused structural damage “at the very, very top” of the structure. [via Gizmodo]

2. A soul singer named Syl Johnson is planning to take legal action against Kanye West and Jay-Z for… Read More

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Flavorpill’s Favorite Finds from CMJ 2010

It’s easy to get cranky about New York’s annual CMJ Music Marathon, with its long lines, short sets, and general air of overstimulated panic. But although we generally go kicking and screaming to our first showcase and spend its last few days on the brink of collapse, we can’t deny that it brings some of the best music from around the world to our corner of the world for five days of dancing, drinking, and discovery.

Luckily for those of you who missed the event and are, we imagine, having a much more functional Monday than we are, the Flavorpill team was all over CMJ 2010. From upstart punks to sissy bounce superstars to beguiling songstresses and beyond, we introduce you to our 13 favorite bands — new kids and perennial favorites alike — from this year’s festival. … Read More

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Flavorpill CMJ Guide 2010: What’s Worth Your Time

More than 1,000 bands are playing the CMJ Music Marathon this year in NYC, at hundreds of shows from October 19-23. We love the variety, but it can be more than a little overwhelming trying to suss the massive schedule and figure out which bands to catch, and when. That’s where we come in. From the many, we present the select few showcases and artists that we are super stoked for this year. … Read More

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The CMJ Music Marathon Guide: The Showcase Artists 6 Word Reviews + MP3 Downloads

New York’s CMJ music marathon is an epic display of music journalism and indie street cred. From October 20-24, over a thousand under the radar bands will perform, hundreds will be blogged about, and a dozen will be become semi-obscure household names (see: Passion Pit) in the aftermath. The 22 initial showcase artist have been announced today, and so we have compiled a guide for your listening pleasure. Six word artist descriptions and song downloads — enjoy!

1. Broadcast
Pensive electro performed by benign fembot.
Sample Song: “America’s Boy” [Download Now] via The Decibel Tolls

2. School of Seven Bells
Easy listening indie pop cures insomnia.
Sample Song: “Conjour” [Download Now] via Stereogum

3. Zac Brown Band
Truckers enjoying cold bear and trucks.
Sample Song: “Toes” [Listen Now] via MySpace

View the rest after the jump. … Read More

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