Cold War Kids

A Selection of Awesome Interactive Music Videos

Once upon a time, there was a magical place called MTV where all the music videos would play and be merry. Indeed, those days are long gone, but the Internet isn’t such a bad replacement, eh? Where else could we view eerie footage of our childhood homes set to the tune of an Arcade Fire jam? Or submit a tweet to be featured in a Robyn video? These days, some of the most enjoyable music videos are interactive — the ones that take you on a delightful ride through a personalized audio-visual experience. Click through for a selection of interactive music videos by Cold War Kids, Broken Bells, Tanlines, and more, and hit the comments to let us know what you made OK Go spell with their bodies. … Read More

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Anyone Can Play Guitar: Radiohead Cover Love

It’s no surprise (pun intended) that everyone loves Radiohead. Because the Oxfordshire four-piece takes so notoriously long to produce new material under the Radiohead moniker, and with individual band members constantly fussing over side projects (Thom Yorke supergrouping, Jonny Greenwood soundtracking, Phil Selway and the drum kit solo tour), we’re grateful for any covers we can get our hands on — even if it’s just Coco in a faux-Yorke accent jamming along to our Rock Band guilty pleasure, “Creep.” After the jump, our twelve favorite love letters to the band, inspired by Regina Spektor’s March 23rd Irving Plaza performance of “No… Read More

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The Art of Cold War Kids Bassist Matt Maust

South California rockers Cold War Kids are set to tour this winter in support of their recently released Behave Yourself EP, an up-tempo, psychedelic, raw, and sexy follow-up to their second album, Loyalty to Loyalty. Everyone knows their hooks are masterpieces, but not everyone knows that CWK bassist Matt Maust is an accomplished visual artist as well. Flavorpill’s Shana Nys Dambrot caught up with him on the eve of the Behave Yourself tour to talk, art, music, touring — and how these diverse areas of his life inform one… Read More

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Davey Dance Blog: Another Awesome Way To Avoid Work

Yanni will always have the Acropolis, the Taj Mahal and Beijing’s Forbidden City. But when it comes to performing in the shadow of major historical landmarks, Brooklyn’s own David Fishel has the New Age pianist beat by a long shot. In the past two years, Fishel has danced at more than 50 sites across Europe and the United States, with landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, the Colosseum, the Golden Gate Bridge and Times Square providing the backdrop to his performances. He films all of his dances and posts them on a site called Davey Dance Blog.… Read More

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