Fantastical European Architectural Collages

The fictional collages of German artist Matthias Jung sprout from the misty hills and marshes like pastoral apparitions. They appear to be whimsical castles torn from the pages of a European folk tale. Jung’s architectural creations are seamless enough to make you do a double take (which we did after spotting them on Colossal) and charming because of their slightly stitched-together appearance. Details such as sheep grazing on grassy rooftops and miniature forests where we’d least expect them add to the fantastical structures. … Read More

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Gorgeous Comic-Book Collage Portraits of Women

The portrayal of women (and non-gender normative characters in general) in mainstream comic books has long been a subject of discussion and controversy — not least because of their ludicrously unrealistic physical portrayals. It’s easy to see echoes of this in the work of Montreal-based artist Sandra Chevrier, spotted over at HiConsumption — Chevrier covers the faces of her subjects in the pages of comic books, leaving only their mouths or eyes to assert their femininity. The result is beautiful and more than a little thought-provoking. Check out Chevrier’s lovely collages after the jump, and then be sure to head on over to her website to see even more. … Read More

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Surreal, Sculptural Movie Couple Collages

Idaho-based artist Eli Craven was paging through a photo book about iconic movie couples. “As I looked through them, I really wanted to see them come together, touch lips, make love, whatever comes next, so I started folding them into one another,” he told iGNANT. His sculptural collage series Screen Lovers was born. Cineastes will recognize fragments of famous film stars, like Rita Hayworth. Craven’s manipulation of the publicity stills unites the cinematic pairings in surreal and subtly humorous ways. See more of Craven’s work in our gallery, and feel free to nerd out in the comments by naming the couples you recognize. … Read More

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Gorgeous, Whimsically Bookish Collages by Hollie Chastain

This morning, we fell hard for Hollie Chastain when we spotted her work over at Beautiful/Decay. The Chattanooga, Tennessee-based artist turns scraps of found paper and bits of books into beautiful, often nostalgic collages, evoking literary childhoods, school days, and big dreams. After the jump, we’ve collected a few of our favorites from Chastain’s portfolio. Click through to check them out, and then be sure to head on over to Chastian’s website to keep dreaming. … Read More

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Incredible Sculptural Collages Cut from Antique Books

To create his intricate, multi-layered collages, Alexander Korzer-Robinson, whose work we spotted over at Colossal, delves into antiquarian books, cutting out everything except the images on each page, leaving them in their proper order. The element of randomness inherent in these pages-deep collages is part of what attracts him to the medium. “By using pre-existing media as a starting point,” he writes, “certain boundaries are set by the material, which I aim to transform through my process. Thus, an encyclopedia can become a window into an alternate world, much like lived reality becomes its alternate in remembered experience. These books, having been stripped of their utilitarian value by the passage of time, regain new purpose. They are no longer tools to learn about the world, but rather a means to gain insight about oneself.” After the jump, explore a few of our favorites of his new work, and then head over to Korzer-Robinson’s website for more of his work. … Read More

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Charming Surreal Collages by Laura Redburn

We’re always suckers for a good collage here at Flavorpill, and so when we spotted Laura Redburn’s delightfully twee mixed media compositions over at Faith is Torment, we fell in love just a little bit. The young artist uses paper and photographs to create surreal landscapes and strange portraits, and explains that she”likes to create snapshots from dreams and other worlds in her work, leaving the viewer to reflect upon their own dreams, imagination and experiences to gather their own meaning from the illustrations.” Sure, we see this kind of thing a lot, but we think Redburn’s work has just enough charm to rise to the top of the pack. Click through to see some of our favorites from her portfolio, and then head on over to her website for even more. … Read More

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Strangely Unsettling Collages of Humans With Flowers for Heads

In his Secret Garden series, which we spotted over at Trendland, German collage artist Enrico Nagel juxtaposes the regimented beauty of the fashion world with the wild exuberance of nature, cutting out models from fashion editorials and turning them into his own vision — half man, half hibiscus. Nagel’s surreal figures are beautiful but also rather unsettling, with flowers sprouting ferociously from their necks, nature reclaiming the artificial form. But after a while, the flowers begin to look violent, like explosions on top of those cool, clean necks, the cost, perhaps, of too much inflicted beauty. Click through to check out Nagel’s series, and then head over to his website to see even more of his work. … Read More

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Lovely Silhouette Landscapes by Aritz Bermudez

Sometimes the simplest idea can have the most astounding effect. Case in point: these lovely landscape collages by Creative Farm‘s Aritz Bermudez, which we spotted over at Design You Trust, overlap two complementary landscapes, one in the silhouette of a young boy or girl. The result is beautiful and dreamlike, an evocation of childhood imagination and memory, with a delicate juxtaposition of the internal and the external. Click through to see Bermudez’s gorgeous silhouette landscapes, and then be sure to head on over to his website to check out even more of his work. … Read More

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Jens Ullrich’s Sublime Mashups of Classical Statues and Sports Photography

In Jens Ullrich’s wonderful series Pilots, which we recently spotted over at Junk Culture, the Düsseldorf and Berlin-based artist combines photographs of great sports moments plucked from the newspapers, which images of classical sculptures. Some of the collages remind us of the excellence of the athletic body — the chiseled stone abs a reflection of their hard-won fleshy counterparts — and some seem stranger than this, a sort of halting in midair, a Medusa effect. As the artist explains, “Because I love figurative sculpture, I forced them into symbolic reparations, by hustling their divided bodies into new action and by violating their authorship, so that free spirit, which is known to fly like a dove, can finally take possession of them.” Click through to see some of our favorites from Pilots, and then be sure to head here see more images from the series. … Read More

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William S. Burroughs’ Rare, Experimental Artworks

The Kunsthalle Vienna is currently home to a William S. Burroughs exhibit, showcasing the writer and artist’s experimental body of work — including paintings, photographs, filmic pieces, and groundbreaking sound works.

“Particular emphasis is on the collage and cut-up techniques used by Burroughs as an important and influential part of his artistic language and legacy. His early collage experiments and the possibilities they imply have had a wide-ranging impact on the use of tape-collage and lyric forms by artists such as The Beatles, Frank Zappa, Lou Reed, David Bowie, Brian Eno, Patti Smith, Laurie Anderson, and Sonic Youth among many others as well as the technique of digital sampling.”

These methods — influenced by fellow creative Brion Gysin — also applied to Burrough’s writings and printed media, and were used as a divination tool. Text was cut up and rearranged in unusual ways to create new material, and Burroughs felt it helped “the future leak out.” The exhibition features many rarely shown works and is on display until October 21. If Vienna isn’t part of your travel schedule for the summer, check out a preview of the show after the break. … Read More

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