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Why Comedy Central’s Justin Bieber Roast Was Such a Disappointment

“They say you only roast the ones you love,” Hannibal Buress began during his set at The Roast of Justin Bieber, “But I don’t like you at all, man. I’m just here because it’s a real good opportunity for me.” Joking or not, Buress’ comment is the best way to describe the overall feel of Justin Bieber’s roast. The stage was packed with comedians and celebrities — Kevin Hart (as roastmaster), Natasha Leggero, Pete Davidson, Jeffrey Ross, Snoop Dogg, Martha Stewart, and more — but the roast itself was tame and shrug-worthy, even with such an easy and arguably deserving target. The problem is that most of these roasters weren’t here to roast someone they love, or even a peer, but instead a 21-year-old pop singer who asked for this as a birthday gift. … Read More

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Everything You Need to Know About New ‘Daily Show’ Host Trevor Noah

Last month, Jon Stewart announced that he would be retiring from The Daily Show by the end of the year. What followed were a few weeks of rampant speculation, hopeful predictions, and Internet disagreements about who would replace him. Monday morning, Comedy Central revealed the new host: Trevor Noah. Thirty-one-year-old Noah, who originally hails from South Africa, joined The Daily Show as a recurring contributor in December, appearing on-screen in only three segments before the news was announced — so this is a huge promotion. But through these segments and his stand-up performances, Noah has demonstrated that he’s a solid choice for the job.… Read More

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‘Big Time in Hollywood, FL’ Is Comedy Central’s First Wildly Addictive Serial Comedy

Comedy Central’s renaissance has been an endearing — and funny, literally — thing to watch. The network has always had some great original programming, but in the past few years, it’s reached incredible highs and boasted a virtually untouchable winning streak. Broad City and Inside Amy Schumer are sources of the funniest and most feminist comedy on television, Nathan For You and Review mine irresistible humor from the awkwardest of situations, Key & Peele is bulletproof (so much so that it’s getting the SNL treatment: a sketch is being adapted into a film), and Kroll Show (which ended on a beautiful note last night) performed previously unseen feats with the genre of sketch comedy. Tonight, Comedy Central tries its hand at highly serialized situational comedy with Big Time in Hollywood, FL and the results are much better than expected. This joke-a-minute, meticulously shot, and impressively plotted comedy is a perfect addition to the network: manically energetic, manically funny, and just plain manic. … Read More

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‘Broad City’ Costume Designer Staci Greenbaum on Season 2’s Best Outfits and Where to Buy Ilana’s Bras

The morning after each Broad City episode airs is a busy time for the Internet, gathering around a metaphorical water cooler to rehash everything that happened in the episode — and every outfit featured on screen. Ilana and Abbi are unique style heroines, two women who represent not the expensively boring fashion of Manhattan but instead the realistic, effortlessly cool fashion of the outer boroughs. Costume Designer Staci Greenbaum talked with Flavorwire about the characters’ distinct style, walked us through some of Season 2’s best outfits — and, of course, shared where to get Ilana’s bras.  … Read More

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Hannibal Buress Gets His Own Comedy Central Show

Hannibal Buress has brought a needed sense of puzzled calm to Broad City as Lincoln, the dentist who’s been in an undeclared… Read More

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10 TV Events to Look Out For in March

The good thing about March is that the snow on the ground is finally thawing and the temperatures are rising (slightly). The bad thing about March is that there’s still lousy Smarch weather and the outside is mostly just gross, gray slush. Fortunately, television continues to give us plenty of reasons to stay indoors and under a blanket. From a cyber-centric spinoff of a popular franchise to crime-solving zombies to an insider look at Scientology, here are the ten TV events to watch in March. … Read More

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Why Late Night Needs More Hosts Like Larry Wilmore

On Monday, which was somewhat appropriately Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Comedy Central debuted The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore. To describe the program would be redundant by now: Throughout the week, every culture site worth its salt — including this one, naturally — has made note of the new late-night show, hosted by former Daily Show correspondent and TV writer Larry Wilmore. With his first week in the can and only four episodes under his belt, Wilmore has not only demonstrated that he’s a skilled, funny host and an adept panel moderator but has also, indirectly, proved why late night needs more hosts like him — you know, ones who aren’t white dudes. … Read More

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‘Broad City’ Season 2 Episode 2 Recap: “Mochalatta Chills”

If Broad City consisted only of the cold opens, I would still watch just as eagerly week-to-week. “Mochalatta Chills” begins with Abbi and Ilana working a small time hustle at the movie theaters, the one that we’re all familiar with: Get tickets for one movie, then sneak in to a few more. It’s a lovely sequence of the two friends having fun (and features some cool directing choices, such as them on the escalator) and going from movie to movie. Then, at the end, they return to the sleepy (and likely stoned) employee at the box office with “complaints” so they snag their way into another pair of free movie passes. Another small victory that means volumes. … Read More

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Comedy Central to Roast Justin Bieber

Comedy Central has picked its next Roastee/victim for its Comedy Central Roasts: Justin Bieber.

While the Comedy Central Roasts have… Read More

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