Bienvenido Okey-Panky, New Home for Short, Weird Lit

Today marks the launch of Electric Literature’s Okey-Panky, an online magazine of “short, darkly comic, ironic, and experimental fiction, essay,… Read More

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Stunning Images From the Golden Age of Comic Books

Joe Simon and Jack Kirby were considered by some “the Lennon and McCartney of the Golden Age of Comic Books.” Every genre, from superheroes and space to Westerns and romance, emerged from their studios. Now, a new coffee-table book, The Art of the Simon and Kirby Studio, brings their personal archives into the light. Its large, newsprint-like pages give you a tactile sense that you’re reading the comics in their original form, but even better. Enjoy these stunning images from the new book. … Read More

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Flavorwire Exclusive: Read an Excerpt From Liz Prince’s ‘Tomboy’

Liz Prince has been a cult and beloved figure in the world of comics for awhile, and in her autobiographical book Tomboy: A Graphic Memoir, she discusses the subject of growing up, in her inimitable, honest and simple style. Prince was never a girly-girl, and watching her navigate between the two poles of who she was and the (pink) box people wanted her to fit into makes for a fascinating look at what “identity” means in the process of growing up. The book’s out on September 2nd, but we have an exclusive look at some pages now. Check it out below. … Read More

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Adorable Animal Comics From a ‘Simpsons’ Animator

Liz Climo, who we learned about on HitFix, works as a storyboard revisionist for TV favorite The Simpsons. When she’s not fine-tuning the visual side of the animated sitcom, she’s busy creating a world of adorable animals inspired by the comical goings-on in her everyday life. Climo’s cute creatures enjoy dressing up in costumes, poking fun at each other, and playing pranks. And they talk just like us, too. Climo will be publishing a book of her comics with Little Brown in 2015, but until then, check out our gallery of her charming animal comics. … Read More

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Self-Portraits of an Illustrator and His Cat in 100 Different Artists’ Styles

True Story, Bravest Warriors, and Adventure Time illustrator Mike Holmes drew himself and his lovely cat, Ella, in the style of 100 different artists. Filmmaker and artist Johnny Zito introduced us to Holmes’ series. The Canada-based artist pays homage to some classic creators — Calvin and Hobbes’ Bill Watterson, Where the Wild Things Are’s Maurice Sendak, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas‘ Dr. Seuss included. Contemporary artists also get props, and Holmes’ gender-swapped portrait, a nod to Jess Fink’s valentine fun project, is an excellent addition. See who got Mike Holmes’d, below. … Read More

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Read This ‘Breaking Bad’ Comic Right Now to Catch Up on Walter White’s Rise in the Empire Business

Don’t have time to watch all five seasons of Breaking Bad before the season 5.2 premiere on Sunday? (Ok,… Read More

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10 Fascinating Interviews with Maurice Sendak

Maurice Sendak, literature’s deeply passionate curmudgeon, whose grumpiness was matched by a warm and tender spirit, left a “wild” legacy of best-selling books, beautiful illustrations, and words that forever touched his readers, young and old. The author’s birthday is tomorrow. We wanted to celebrate Sendak’s life by revisiting some of his greatest and most fascinating interviews. His candidness, sincerity, and humor will never be forgotten. … Read More

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What Your Favorite Comic Says About You

Yesterday, at long last, the paperback edition of The Complete Calvin and Hobbes hit stores. As far as we can tell, there is a certain kind of person who really goes gaga for Calvin and Hobbes — the person who as a kid loved to tromp through the forest all day and come home to read on the couch with a fat hot chocolate at night, who maybe saw things a little differently than those pesky grownups — and that got us to thinking. While being into comics already gets you into the first stage of nerdery, the stories the form brings us range from the serious to the goofball, the superhero to the realist, so there’s no real way to lump comic fans all together. So what does your favorite comic (or graphic novel, just to be inclusive) say about you? Find out after the jump — and let us know if we’ve hit the nail on the head or if you’re plotting our demise in the comments. … Read More

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The Most Incredible Costumes from New York Comic Con

Halloween may still be a few weeks away, but if you were anywhere in the vicinity of New York’s Javits Convention Center this weekend, you’d be forgiven for thinking it came early. With the annual return of the New York Comic Con, midtown Manhattan’s west side was swamped with comic book, sci-fi, and fantasy fans — over 100,000 of them over the course of the event’s four-day run. Among those multitudes was a significant contingent proudly decked out in costume, representing characters from just about every genre, medium, and realm imaginable. The best of the best earned themselves a place in our exclusive NYCC 2012 photo gallery. And hey, Halloween really is still a few weeks way, so if you’re looking for inspiration, look no… Read More

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Comic Book Characters Who Should Have Their Own TV Show

After five seasons on Smallville, DC’s Green Arrow returns to the CW tomorrow night, this time with his own series and a brand new pair of abs. If the hooded vigilante hits the mark (sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves), Arrow would be one on a short list of successful TV superhero programs in recent years. Not too long ago AV Club did a nice piece on why networks can’t get the genre right, making the good point that it’s not the “powers” part that matters most, but human story that expands beyond them. Arrow doesn’t technically doesn’t have powers, so he’s already off to a good start. And since TV is only getting better at grand, humanity-exploring serials, it stands to reason that there could be any number of successful superhero programs in the future. Which leads us to the big question: If you could choose any comic book character to get their own series, who would it be?! We turned to some experts in the field for their thoughts, and of course invite you to add your own to this impressively diverse wish-list in the comments. … Read More

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