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Taylor Swift Lies “Across the Narrow Sea”: Links You Need to See

“Alfred, fire up my private jet,” I would say in a world where all of my dreams were coming true at once: butler, private jet, castle, unlimited funds for an MFA program. But it turns out that most people with private jets actually just want to fly to…New York? Great. I’m already here, and it’s snowing in March. The New York draw, CNN explains, has to do with “Russian business owners mixing business with pleasure.” Indeed. … Read More

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Dragonballs, Conan, and Kanye: Links You Need to See

The thing about nostalgia is that it’s awful even though it’s great, just like any other drug. If nostalgia is properly harnessed and turned into a ripe piece of culture fruit, I can’t resist eating it. Which is why, more than a decade after Dragonball Z made me late for daily football practice, this professional, fan-made clip for a new live action Dragonball Z movie is forcing me to reassess my embargo on anime. … Read More

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Conan Spoofs ‘Fifty Shades” Hardware Store Scene with Commercial for Terrifying, Makeshift BDSM Gear

Fetishism of course predominantly involves the sexualizing of things otherwise not thought of erotically. The human mind’s capacity to make just… Read More

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Rainn Wilson Rails Against Hipster Foodies, Posits New Theory for Fall of Roman Empire

Historians have traditionally attributed the fall of the Roman Empire to factors like over-expansion, Barbarian invasions, and a fractured… Read More

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Miley Cyrus and The Flaming Lips Covered The Beatles on ‘Conan’

On October 27, The Flaming Lips released a collaboration-heavy track-by-track tribute to/massacre of The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club… Read More

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Why Did Louis C.K. Leave Twitter?

A couple weeks ago, Louis C.K. went on a intense rant about ISIS on Twitter. Over the weekend, his Twitter… Read More

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Nick Offerman Directed a Hilarious Tweedy Video Featuring Michael Shannon, Chance the Rapper, Steve Albini, and More

Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy’s dad-rock project — literally, it is a collaboration with his 18-year-old son, Spencer — Tweedy… Read More

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