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If “R + L = J” Blew Your Mind, Just Watch These Insane ‘Game of Thrones’ Conspiracy Theory Videos

In the past couple of weeks, n00bs who haven’t been reading A Song of Ice and Fire (and talking about it on Internet forums) since 1997 took notice of a certain fan theory called “R+L=J.” Its thesis — that Jon Snow is actually Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen’s kid, not Ned Stark’s — is so well-supported that the theory’s about as controversial as saying Tyrion’s your favorite character. But as we pointed out a few months ago, “R + L = J” is just a tip of the speculative iceberg. An iceberg that’s also home to YouTube user Preston Jacobs, whose theories are among the most comprehensive I’ve seen to date. They’re also completely addictive, and also a little bit batshit. … Read More

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10 Bizarre Television Conspiracy Theories

The world is becoming a strange place for those of us who don’t watch Duck Dynasty and are only vaguely aware of its mere existence; when this viewer first heard the title, I presumed it was some new variation on the Looney Tunes universe, maybe with Daffy and some nephews? I’m now not only fully aware of what Duck Dynasty is, but of the “secret conservative message” of its protagonists’ unruly beards. Yes, we’ve now seen the true sign of the show’s cultural ubiquity: the inevitable conspiracy theories. Many shows have them (some more than others), and since we know how much you love a good pop culture fan theory, here’s a few of the kookier ones that have attached themselves to popular TV… Read More

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Was Albert Camus Killed By The KGB?

In 1960, two years after winning the Nobel prize for literature, French philosopher and author Albert Camus was killed in a freak car accident: Michel Gallimard, his friend and publisher, was driving Camus back to his home in Provence for the Christmas holiday when his car slipped on the icy and slammed into a tree.… Read More

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Jeff Koons and the Missing Rabbits of Central Park

Yesterday our friends at The Awl pointed out the fact that Jeff Koons is the (presumably) super expensive photographer behind the “They Gay?” rabbit image that will grace the cover of this coming Sunday’s New York Times magazine. Today comes the news that all of the bunnies have disappeared from Central Park, a… Read More

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Video of the Day: South African Hipster Runoff

When Die Antwoord first appeared on the internet scene, the band’s underfed-kid-meets-hipster hairdos and so-dumb-it’s-believable slang set off alarm bells for the authenticity trolls among us. Were they true alt-bros? Or merely art school dropouts posing as “borderline mentally-retarded Poor Children from Ghettos covered in Generic Cheetoes Dust and Meth Crumbs”? Turns out it doesn’t matter, as the trio has been signed to Interscope Records and announced a European-American tour later this year. So very very zef. Check out the semi-demented and thoroughly entertaining video for “Zef Side” after the… Read More

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Daily Dose Pick: Deb Sokolow

Inspired by mob secrets, conspiracy theories, nefarious politicos, and shady neighbors, Deb Sokolow goes in search of truth and justice in our tricky world.

Whether in her artist books or sprawling, site-specific drawings that cover a gallery wall, Sokolow’s paranoid narrator inevitably wanders into the middle of convoluted intrigues. Two inner voices chime in, too (one scribed in red ink, the other in pencil), expressing doubts and questions as the plot thickens. … Read More

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Our Netflix Queue Conspiracy Theories

On Sunday, the New York Times techno-wizards rolled out the latest in their series of enormously cool (and endlessly distracting) interactive features — the Netflix maps. Using data compiled from zip codes and Netflix user queues*, these maps visualize rental patterns in twelve major American cities, adjusting for popularity and critical reception, and providing a nifty way for film snobs to confirm their worst suspicions about neighbors’ movie… Read More

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