Courtney Love

Watch Nirvana’s Rock Hall Induction Feat. Lorde, St. Vincent, Kim Gordon, Joan Jett

With all due respect to the other honorees at last night’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, all… Read More

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20 Years of Hole’s ‘Live Through This’: 12 Musicians and Writers Dissect It Track by Track

Two decades after the release of Hole’s Live Through This, the level of critical praise and commercial success the album achieved is perhaps lost on those who didn’t witness it firsthand — largely because, Courtney Love has, unfairly, become one of rock’s biggest punchlines. A new generation that could really use the album identifies Love with her public outbursts, her legal battles, and worst of all, as just Kurt Cobain’s widow. To celebrate its 20th anniversary, we tapped some of our favorite feminist-leaning musicians and music writers (Flavorwire editors included) to dissect Live Through This front to… Read More

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Kurt Cobain Reading List: The Essential Books, Interviews, and Photos

I truly believe that there is very little left to say about Kurt Cobain.

In the 20 years since his suicide, we’ve searched for meaning in his actions on April 5, 1994, and most certainly in his actions before that day. Two generations — Gen X and millennials — idolize this man, who, despite dying just as Web 1.0 was taking hold, has become one of the Internet’s most discussed musical figures ever. Every anniversary — be it Kurt’s birthday, his deathday, every Nirvana album, grunge as a genre — must be celebrated with a rumination on Kurt Cobain. To which I counter: does the world need so-called new thoughts on Kurt when so many great ones already exist? … Read More

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Why Kurt Cobain Was the Last Rock Star: An Interview With Charles R. Cross

When Kurt Cobain killed himself on April 8, 1994, music journalist Charles R. Cross was in his office at the Seattle magazine The Rocket, “trying to figure out why Courtney Love kept putting off the interview she had promised us that week.” Later, he found out that Courtney was searching for Kurt, who had disappeared from rehab. … Read More

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Overanalyzing Courtney Love’s Pinterest Account

Courtney Love has quietly been on Pinterest for a year, but her presence on the site has gained some publicity since she opened a new, official YouTube account last week with a video addressing her “Twibel” lawsuit. Accompanying the clip were many, many comments from Love directing us to her Pinterest and unmasking some of the heretofore unclear pieces of Love shorthand and various other linguistic misdirections that seem to plague her communications. … Read More

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15 Photos That Capture Famous Romances

A picture tells a thousand words — and photos of famous couples throughout pop culture history can tell us more about their relationship than all the tabloids, biographies, and interviews put together. Photography may be a two-dimensional medium, but passion and intimacy cannot be contained by paper alone. A new book featuring rare photos of French singer-songwriter Serge Gainsbourg and British actress Jane Birkin is a fine example of this, and it inspired us to search for pictures that tell the story of other famous… Read More

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