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Our Favorite Vintage Illustrations from Classic Children’s Books

After spotting a post on Brainpickings on these magical illustrations that Maurice Sendak created for a 1960s edition of The Velveteen Rabbit, we couldn’t resist hunting down other vintage children’s book illustrations — with wonderful results. Alongside the words of such adored authors as Beatrix Potter and Munro Leaf lay simple black-and-white sketches, vibrantly hued drawings, and eccentric portraits that serve as delightful embellishment to timeless stories. Not only do these illustrations lift the tales off of the page, but they have been a source of inspiration for artists and crafters over the past decades. Join us as we round up amazing vintage illustrations from children’s literature, and feel free to add your favorites in the comments. … Read More

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The Best Werner Herzog Spoofs Out There

Acclaimed filmmaker and pillar of New German Cinema Werner Herzog may be the most beloved cynic of all time. Inarguably brilliant and completely deadpan in the delivery of his bleak worldview, he finds nature to be “violent and base,” believes the universe to be completely random and godless, and thinks there are too many “vitamins” in vegetarian food. He also was once shot during an interview and refused to go to the hospital or take a break, showing his interviewer the bloody wound and shrugging, muttering that “it was not a significant bullet.” That’s some serious German stoicism for you.

Beloved as he is, there are a wealth of fantastic parodies based on Herzog’s attitude in relatively normal situations. In our roundup of the best Werner Herzog spoofs out there, watch as he reads classic children’s books in his droll, stoic voice, fixes a car, tries to cook something, and looks for love. … Read More

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