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The 10 Goofiest “Viral” Marketing Campaigns in Movie History

Taken 3 (or, as its ads would have it, TAK3N — which I believe is pronounced “Take-three-en”?) is out Friday, and I can’t tell you anything about it, because (as is so often the case with the little masterpieces we’re given in January) it’s not being screened for critics. But I can tell you that it’s being marketed with a totally awesome LinkedIn campaign! Yes, the year’s least necessary sequel and your most annoying email sender have paired up to create a little bit of online movie marketing magic, reminding us that when it comes to creating film ad campaigns with the express purpose of “going viral,” the occasional Blair Witch or Cloverfield is often counterbalanced by numerous laughable embarrassments. … Read More

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19 Novels About Politics for Election Day (and the Revolution, Too)

Did Election Day bring out your inner pundit, organizer, or revolutionary — or depressed person who wants to escape reality via reading? If so, here’s a starter list of novels about politics that will feed the flames. We’re lucky so many of our greatest writers of the 20th century were disaffected… Read More

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50 Cultural Icons on Their Favorite Books

Everybody loves a good book. Yes, everybody — even the rich, famous and culturally relevant. And since there’s nothing better than a book recommendation from someone you already idolize, why not check out which ones they count as their favorites? Maybe you’ll wind up finding out that you have even more in common with Lady Gaga than you thought. Click through to find out which books your favorite cultural icons, from Bill Murray to Joan Didion to Nas, love best — and get to padding that reading… Read More

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Forbes’s Top-Earning Authors of 2014

Forbes has released their yearly ranking of the top-earning authors, and there are few surprises. James Patterson, as always,… Read More

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In Case You Hadn’t Noticed, Dan Brown Is Really Freaking Weird

Dan Brown’s newest much snickered-at mega-blockbuster novel hit shelves this week, and all the ensuing publicity for the author should be reminding you of something: Dan Brown is a really, really weird dude. Sure, he’s a writer, and writers often have strange habits. But, as the evidence below proves, Brown is a head above the rest — whether that head is upside down or not. … Read More

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The Funniest, Meanest Reviews of Dan Brown’s ‘Inferno’

Today is undoubtedly a day of celebration for the publishing industry, because it marks the release of Dan Brown’s newest Robert Langdon novel, Inferno. Needless to say, the book’s expected to do rather well — Doubleday is printing four million copies — but (surprise!) the critics are less than enthused. After the jump, the funniest reviews and meanest jabs to make you chuckle into your highbrow nonfiction (or ignore while you’re waiting in line at the bookstore). … Read More

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Publishers’ Craziest Schemes to Avoid Book Spoilers

The news that the translators of Dan Brown’s new book Inferno were basically isolated from the world for two months to avoid any chance of them leaking its plot was enough to elicit a collective bewildered shaking of the head at Flavorwire central. Still, it’s not even the batshit craziest thing that publishers have done over the years to avoid details of their precious books leaking before publication — as an industry, publishing has embraced the embargo-based insistence on secrecy so beloved of Hollywood, especially when it comes to books likely to sell in the bazillions (i.e., anything by JK Rowling). Here are some of the craziest schemes concocted to avoid leaks. … Read More

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The Best-Selling Books in 10 Countries Around the World

We know what we’re reading in America, but what about the rest of the world? Next week, Indonesian writer Andrea Hirata’s first novel The Rainbow Troops, will be published in English for the first time. The novel, which with over five million copies sold is Indonesia’s best-selling book of all time, got us thinking about the books topping the charts around the world — that we may have never even heard of. After the jump, some potentially surprising — or just illuminating — best-sellers from India to the UK. Let us know your thoughts in the comments. … Read More

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Watch Your Favorite TV Characters Talking About Books

If you’ve been paying attention to this space over the last couple of months, you already know that we’re fascinated by the reading habits of our favorite fictional characters. But what’s better than a simple reading list? A little informed dialogue, of course. Or even a few well-placed snarky comments. Recently, we spotted this excellent clip of The Wire‘s D’Angelo talking about The Great Gatsby over at Open Culture, and it inspired us to round up a few more clips of some of our favorite TV characters waxing poetic about their favorite (or least favorite) books. From simple proclamations of Dr. Seuss’s brilliance to Boardwalk Empire‘s very physical commentary on David Copperfield, we love seeing books we love figure into the drama. Click through to watch — and hey, you just might learn something. … Read More

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