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10 Albums You Need to Hear in February

If you’re still catching up from the onslaught of excellent releases last month (Sleater-Kinney! Mark Ronson! Belle and Sebastian! Panda Bear!), consider February a bit of breather. Not to say there aren’t great albums coming out this month, but the releases aren’t quite as monocultural as January’s. There are a lot of growers this month.… Read More

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The 5 Best Songs We Heard This Week: Azealia Banks, Dan Deacon

This has been a short week for the music industry, just like it has been for everyone else, so we’re limiting our regular Friday roundup of the best new tracks we heard this week to five instead of our usual ten. But never fear, because there’s still plentiful goodness laying in wait after the jump — there’s a beautiful new song from ever-reliable Brooklyn psych-folk aficionados Woods, along with a rollicking new track from Dan Deacon, spacey Afrofuturistic goodness from Ras G and the Afrikan Space Program, the return of Chelsea Wolfe, and a reminder that Azealia Banks still exists. Click through to listen! … Read More

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Flavorpill Guide to This Week’s Top 10 New York Events

For our (unconscionably high) rent money, the best thing about living in NYC is its endless supply of fun, odd, and inspired cultural events. But with so many options, it can be hard to know where to even begin planning your week. To help you make sense of it all, Flavorpill Deputy Editor Mindy Bond shares the very best of what’s on offer this week. It’s just a taste of what you can find on the new Flavorpill, so if you like what you see, be sure to sign up.   … Read More

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The 10 Best New Songs We Heard This Week: Deerhunter, Mykki Blanco

It’s Friday afternoon, which means that we’re off to see a celebrity psychic in a few hours (no, really), and also that we’re going back through all the new music we heard over the last few days to pick out our ten favorite tracks of the week. This week we warmed slowly to the new Deerhunter single, took substantially less time to love the new Mykki Blanco track, thoroughly enjoyed BEAK> covering Pink Floyd, got all woozy to Maria Minerva, discovered Manics-sampling pop from Istanbul, remembered why we liked Balam Acab, and more. All these tracks await you — get streaming and/or downloading, readers! … Read More

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A Selection of Exercise-Themed Music Videos to Whip You Into Shape

The well of music video ideas is somewhat limited, and three decades after the advent of MTV, it’s interesting to see the themes that have recurred again and again over the years. One of the more enduring conceits, curiously enough, has been the workout video, either rendered in parodic style or played completely straight. We’re not entirely sure why this is — perhaps because, stereotypically, musicians aren’t generally the ones who enjoy gym class, or perhaps the curiously sexualized imagery of the fitness video provides rich material for satire and also for commentary on our society. In any case, the arrival of the latest addition to the genre — Dan Deacon’s “Crash Jam” — has gotten us thinking about gym-centric videos past and present. … Read More

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10 Great, Unexpected Mixtapes by Musicians Who Aren’t DJs

This week sees the release of the soundtrack to British psychological thriller Berbarian Sound Studio, a soundtrack that’s notable for being a) creepy as hell and b) the last thing ever recorded by much-missed British duo Broadcast before singer Trish Keenan’s death from pneumonia in 2010. Keenan’s death robbed the music world of a distinctive voice and a singular talent, and the release of Berbarian Sound Studio has got us listening again to the fantastic mixtape a friend of Keenan’s released in her memory a couple of weeks after she died. This in turn got us thinking about other artist-made mixtapes that have brightened up our iTunes over the last couple of years, eclectic selections made by musicians you wouldn’t necessarily expect to dabble in DJ mixes — we’ve shared a few of them after the jump. … Read More

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10 MP3s You Need to Download for Free This Week: Atoms for Peace, Angel Haze

It’s Friday, which means that we’re eating cold pizza and drinking beer at midday, and also that it’s time for another installment of our regular roundup of downloadable MP3 goodness from around the web. This week the Chromatics-fest continues with a cover of New Order’s “Ceremony,” and there’s also a new song from Thom Yorke’s Atoms for Peace project, if you’re clever enough to find the download link. Elsewhere, there’s the thoroughly welcome return of Flavorpill faves Radar Bros, a new (and relatively upbeat) Angel Haze song, pretty electronic textures from Mountains, new stuff from Beach Fossils and YACHT, Dan Deacon apeing Girl Talk, and a pretty ace mixtape from Johnny Jewel. Since all this costs precisely nothing, what are you waiting for? Click through and get a-downloadin’! … Read More

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The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories

1. Last night Stephen Colbert gleefully kicked off his week-long celebration of The Hobbit by interviewing Gandalf himself. Watch Sir Ian McKellen get trounced in a vicious game Tolkien trivia, and later admit that “Gandalf is more powerful than Magneto,” in

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10 MP3s You Need to Download for Free This Week: Liars, Marissa Nadler

It’s Friday, which means another installment of our regular roundup of downloadable MP3 goodness from around the web. This week we get all excited about the arrival of a new Liars track via Adult Swim’s Singles Program — and there’s also an unreleased Marissa Nadler song, a free track from Dan Deacon’s new album, the return of Jean Grae and Efterklang, How to Dress Well going for full-fledged pop R&B thrills, and plenty more. Since all this action costs precisely nothing, what are you waiting for? All the download links await after the jump. … Read More

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Your Favorite Musicians’ Unexpected Favorite Records

You may have read recently that Mitt Romney Paul Ryan is the world’s most unlikely Rage Against the Machine fan, and the spectacular WTF-ness of his inexplicable declaration of fondness for left-wing agitrock will endure as one of the stranger moments of the 2012 campaign trail. The whole strange business also got us thinking: well, there are plenty of features around wherein artists have been asked to choose a selection of their favorite albums or songs. Surely there are some wacky choices in there? We got reading, and yep, there are some real winners to be found… so here’s a selection of such choices that we found particularly interesting — either selections we’d never heard of, or selections we just wouldn’t have expected. Who’d have thought that Bradford Cox was the only person in the world to like the second MGMT album, or that Frank Black was into weird faux-Greek music, or that both Mick Jagger and Marianne Faithfull were experts on reggae? Read on for more… … Read More

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