Daniel Eatock

Daniel Eatock's Delightfully Absurd Juxtapositions of Everyday Objects


Dada’s not dead. It’s alive and well and living in the work of British artist and graphic designer Daniel Eatock. Developed during a combination exhibition/residency at London’s Stanley Picker Gallery that runs through the end of this month, One + One is a series of “staged object-scenarios” that juxtapose pairs of everyday objects in unexpected ways. Some of the new hybrids — a disco ball that fits perfectly into a metal collander, a traffic cone with an ice cream cone topper — emphasize the similarities between things we rarely see in the same place, while others — a megaphone clamped over an empty fishbowl, a watering can pouring its contents into an oil can — render both objects useless and absurd, in a way that might have made Marcel Duchamp proud. Click through for some of our favorite pieces from One + One, then visit Eatock’s website to see many more.
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