Darth Vader

‘Gone Girl,’ ‘Fifty Shades of Grey,’ and the Uncritical Cult of the Celebrity Penis

People, notably we of the painstakingly non-objectifying left-leaning media, seem to get candidly titillated at the prospect of the exposure of celebrity penis. Because of the peen’s dominance over so much cultural output, and the prominent spectacle of its desires therein, discussions of the peen seem protected from the forces that’d normally call out objectifying representation and objectifying media discourse; this is kind of, it turns out, a cloak of invisibility that hides us from ourselves. … Read More

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Haim Played a Darth Vader Prank on Each Other on April Fool’s Day

In addition to mentioning that they’re already writing their next record on the road, the sisters of Haim told the … Read More

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Heartwarming Illustrations of Famed Pop Culture Rivals

If you were a fan of Ingrid Aspöck’s sugary drawings of pop culture’s most legendary rivals burying the hatchet and hugging it out, then we bet that you’ll also enjoy Versus/Hearts, a new Tumblr project that got its start with a “Ninja … Read More

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Rare Behind the Scenes Photos of ‘Star Wars’

Many moviegoers count Star Wars as the first feature film they ever saw that truly captured the magic of cinema and made them a bona fide film geek. Lucas and his team pioneered never before seen special effects, leaving audiences in awe of his epic fantasy world in space where creatures walked and talked alongside humans, and brave characters made you believe they could conquer an entire galaxy. Would a peek behind the scenes of Lucas’ universe make you appreciate the movie even more? Website Theager put our question to the test, by sharing a set of candid images taken on set of the 1977 film. The photos reveal how Lucas and his special effects team created several iconic scenes in the movie, who the faces were behind the famous costumes, and a few funny moments (see: Jabba’s Gamorrean guard picking its nose) — and a few unintentionally funny ones (like pics of Rebel X-wing fighter pilots that resemble a bunch of construction workers chowing down on lunch). Check out the rare, silly, and magical images in our gallery below. … Read More

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Pop Heroes and Villains Transformed in Vintage Family Photos

Blog thaeger tipped us off to the Marvellini brothers — artists in Milan who have been creating their own geeky origin story by transforming pop heroes and villains with the help of vintage family photos. If you’ve ever wondered what Darth Vader’s great aunt looked like, the answer is within the brothers’ clever, seamless collages. Ornate, antique frames complete the picture. The old-timey costuming in each image, combined with the iconic costumes and masks of superheroes and pop baddies, elevates what could have been a quickie cut and paste job into something pretty fashion-savvy and fun. Check them out past the break. … Read More

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Pic of the Day: Mathematical Equations by Film Villains

How exactly do super villains figure out the details of their dastardly deeds? Well, they conceive of them via complex mathematical equations scrawled out on their blackboards, of course! This methodology is perfect for figuring out everything from the best method of California’s destruction to the proper way to cook a human brain. Now the… Read More

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Darth Vader Wants to Dock His Ship in the Ukraine

Recently, the city of Odessa enacted a plan to grant plots of land along the coast to citizens for free, supporting Ukrainian legislation which stipulates that every citizen should have the right to own 1,000 square metres of land. Obviously, Darth Vader showed up to claim his rightful bit of earth. As Reuters reports, a man in full Darth Vader gear showed up at the mayor’s office this week, announcing “I am Darth Vader, the right hand of Emperor Palpatine… Knowing that many (local legislature) deputies and the mayor have switched to the dark side… I have come for a land plot… for my space cruiser.” He was allowed to submit his application, but only after removing his helmet and showing his passport. Apparently it will be considered with the other applications, though a spokeswoman for the mayor’s office assured reporters that “We are not on the dark side, we are light-side people.” Click through to watch the video, mostly notable for the concealed amusement of the guards, and let us know if you’d let Darth Vader dock his ship in your country. … Read More

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What’s On at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds in Our Office

Today at Flavorpill, we jotted down a few of The Huffington Post’s summer reading suggestions. We were surprised by how much this “screaming” tree looked like the famous Munch painting. We felt like The Awl’s ranking of bar food really gave nachos the shaft. We discovered The… Read More

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