Daryl Peveto

Daryl Peveto’s Photos of American Nomads

We’ve developed a bit of a fascination, here at Flavorpill, with communities that live on the margins of society — Irish travelers, modern-day British gypsies. So we’ve spent quite a while paging through photographer, videographer, and visual journalist Daryl Peveto’s American Nomads series, which we discovered via¬†Booooooom. Inspired by the concept of the American Dream, Peveto followed the residents of Slab City, on California’s Salton Sea, who live in a place without electricity or safe drinking water in a lawless community with a barter economy. While he acknowledges that life in Slab City can be difficult and sordid, he also notes that the residents are more like us than we might assume: “they eat and bathe and sleep and marry and die.” See them do some of the above in a selection of American Nomads photos after the jump; then head to Peveto’s website to see the rest of the series and learn more about his work. … Read More

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