David Lynch

A Visual Diary of Stunning Ambient Films


Fandor Keyframe’s latest video tribute showcases the ambient sounds of David Lynch’s films. But these scenes of “buzzing light fixtures, inexplicable roars, and mechanical hisses” are usually paralleled by Lynch’s ambient visual impressions — the double yellow line of a dark highway, the umbilical coil of a telephone cord, or a scarlet lampshade. Inspired by Lynch’s work, we’re presenting the ambient films of other directors — those who create an all-encompassing atmosphere characterized by impressionistic sights and sounds.
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From Nietzsche to Lynch: A Selection of Truly Highbrow Moments From ‘Clueless’


If you’re about 30 years old, like I am, chances are your lifelong romance with Clueless probably began with a mall multiplex, some spilled popcorn, and weeks of quoting such catchphrases as “whatever” and “as if.” But you probably didn’t quite realize — I certainly didn’t, at least — until years later that Amy Heckerling packed her movie full of cultural references of all kinds. There are even plenty of highbrow shoutouts in Clueless. Here’s a selection of favorites, from Nietzsche to Lynch. …Read More