Dean Blunt and Inga Copeland

10 of the Year’s Most Unfairly Overlooked Albums

It’s the middle of the year, which means it’s time for the music industry’s first round of 2012 listomania — and lo, the first “best of 2012 so far” roundups have already begun to crop up across the Internet. It’s been pleasing to see that some of our favorite albums have had plenty of love on such lists — we’re sure you don’t need us to tell you any more about the likes of Lower Dens, Chromatics, Liars, Death Grips, Leonard Cohen or, of course, Grimes, who may well actually rule the entire world by the end of this year. But there are others that we haven’t been seeing mentioned a whole lot, and thus we figured we’d repeat the feature we did at about this time last year, focusing on albums that everyone seems to have overlooked so far in 2012. We suggest you catch up ASAP, as December’s coming sooner than you think. … Read More

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10 MP3s You Need to Download for Free This Week: Purity Ring, John Cale

It’s Friday, and we’re back with another installment of our regular roundup of downloadable MP3 goodness from around the web. This week there’s a track from proud 4AD signees Purity Ring, along with new work from Sun Kil Moon, LA Vampires, and the duo formerly known as Hype Williams. There’s also an entire album from D’Eon, a fascinating John Cale remix, yet another cover of “Some Velvet Morning,” and plenty more. In other words, there’s plenty of interesting sounds awaiting you after the jump, and since they won’t cost a penny or land you an RIAA lawsuit, as your attorneys we advise you to start downloading immediately. … Read More

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