‘Mad Men,’ Mad Science, and Dying Bees: Links You Need to See

Today was a big day in tech. Not because of any eagerly anticipated reveal of an upgraded Smartwatch, but because you can now fly above Manhattan like a bird, thanks to this Oculus thing (as Gothamist calls it) at the Museum of the Moving Image (through Fri-Sun, June 7th), and because this little 3-D printed robot can crack a combination lock in 30 seconds and not even break a sweat. Hacker Samy Kamkar came up with robot idea, built the whole thing for about $100, and then published the blueprint and software code, along with a How-To video, on the Internet. Masterlocks everywhere are cowering in fear. … Read More

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An Exclusive Interview With DIY Space Travel Doc Producer Xavier Aaronson

DIY space travel might seem an unbelievably far cry from the rubber-stamped holiday cards, quickie door swags, and twig push-pins you finally tackled, but as a fascinating new documentary explains, it’s not (really). Art writer, producer and museum babe watcher extraordinaire, Xavier Aaronson, hopped across the pond to spend time with the founders of Copenhagen Suborbitals, a semi-new, but surprisingly unknown open source, non-profit organization that is changing the intergalactic game as we know it.

We sat down with Xavier to talk about his time in the chilly Danish capital and to hear firsthand why homemade space travel isn’t actually that daunting. Click through to learn about the fascinating future of this inspiring approach to micro space crafts, along with Aaronson’s space travel essentials and hot tips for where to eat, party, and play in Copenhagen. … Read More

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An A-Z Guide to Nordic Design

After such a great response to our first A-Z Design Guide, we thought we’d make it a regular fixture in the Flavorwire feed. This week’s post is inspired by one of our favorite Tumblr’s of the moment: Stiknord. An ongoing project started by the Kolding School of Design in Denmark, they wanted to build “a collection of texts and imagery dedicated to the aesthetics of the North to ease the often repetitive, time and money consuming process of constructing tactile inspirational material for each and every project.” Yup, that’s why we use Tumblr too.

From King Frederik’s trend-setting tattoo aesthetic to art pottery to the most stunning chairs ever made, click through to check out our offbeat guide to the original antler worshipping design culture. … Read More

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Can This Danish Political Drama Rival ‘The West Wing’?

Those of you who have had a West Wing-shaped hole in your TV viewing heart for the past five years, brace yourselves; NBC plans to adapt an award-winning Danish drama known as Borgen (“Government”) that covers much of the same territory, with Friday Night Lights executive producer David Hudgins writing the script and co-producing the series. “Borgen focuses on the fight for political power and its consequences,” reports Deadline. “It centers on smart and sexy 40-year-old populist party leader Birgitte Nyborg (Sidse Babett Knudsen) who scores a surprise election victory only to discover the biggest challenge of her life is yet to come.” Given how well the last TV import from Denmark — The Killing — did with American viewers, and the fact that we’re headed into an election year, we think this one sounds promising. Click through to watch a trailer for the original version (which will air in the US on Link TV), and let us know if you think an adaptation of the material is a good idea. … Read More

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Red on the Tracks: New Paintings by Bob Dylan

Dylan fans rejoice with warning. Though 100 of the musical bard’s paintings will be exhibited a scant 365 days from now, they will be in Denmark, at the National Gallery in Copenhagen to be precise. In the meantime, we’ve got a preview of two works from the exhibition, both painted in 2009 and reminiscent of German expressionism and the bright fauvism of Matisse. Take a… Read More

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