Video Essay: “Watching the Detectives: Our Favorite Movie Private Eyes”

Perhaps the most exciting Blu-ray release of the month is Paramount’s anniversary edition of Roman Polanski’s classic film noir homage Chinatown, which celebrates its 40th birthday this year (1972 was a helluva year for genre cinema). Polanski’s film — from a celebrated screenplay by Robert Towne — told the story of private investigator Jake Gittes (played to perfection by Jack Nicholson), and ended up revitalizing the private eye genre, which has continued to fascinate viewers to this very day. In our latest video essay, we’ve compiled over two dozen of our favorite movie detectives in tribute to one of our favorite movie genres. Check it out after the jump. … Read More

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TV’s Most Underrated Detectives

Even in the near-perfect realm of television, not every cop can be an Olivia Benson, and not every Good Samaritan can be a Lassie. TV is as full of cruddy detectives as our real world is. But it’s also inundated with great ones, not all of whose talents are acknowledged in their respective worlds. We think it’s time they get their due recognition. Below the jump, browse through our favorite TV detectives who seem to be nobody else’s, and tell us which other crime solvers you think have been robbed of a much-deserved pat on the back. … Read More

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