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Stylishly Striking Portraits From 1980s Italian Goth Clubs

When you think of the Mediterranean, you tend to think of olive groves and sunny beaches, but for whatever reason, various South European countries have always had an affinity for darker shades of rock ‘n’ roll, perhaps reflecting the cultural affinity in these countries for surprisingly dark music. (Greek rebetiko, for instance, is some of the most gloriously depressing stuff you’ll ever hear.) With that in mind, it’s fascinating to look at these photos of people from the Italian “dark movement” of the early 1980s. The images — taken by Italian photographer Dino Ignani — surfaced on Dangerous Minds this week, and they capture an era of spectacular makeup and even more spectacular hair. You can just imagine these people at a dark basement club, standing perfectly still and listening to The Dome or something similar. Excellent. … Read More

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10 of Rock ‘n’ Roll’s Most Genuinely Spooky Albums

As mentioned earlier this week in our roundup of albums you need to hear in October, one of our favorite discoveries for the month is the self-titled debut by Brooklyn band ERAAS. If you like your rock ‘n’ roll laden with lots of heavy percussion and spooky atmosphere, we highly recommend checking it out — it’s been on heavy rotation round Flavopill’s way of late. In view of this — and, of course, with Halloween 0n the horizon — we thought we’d round up a selection of some other genuinely spooky records that have been among our favorites over the years. Let us know if there’s anything in your collection that you think twice about playing late at night. … Read More

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Our Favorite Dark Ladies of Rock ‘N’ Roll

As we mentioned earlier in the week, we’ve had Zola Jesus’s new album Conatus on constant rotation of late, and boy, can we ever recommend it. Although Nika Danilova’s not keen on being labelled goth — “What would be the point of making goth music? It’s already been done,” she told Q magazine in January — she certainly shares some kinship with the likes of Siouxsie & The Banshees and Dead Can Dance, female-fronted or female-centric acts whose music carried a certain ominous air. In this sense, Danilova is the latest in the line of what we might call the dark ladies of rock ‘n’ roll. We’ve selected our 10 favorites after the jump. Who are yours? … Read More

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10 of the Most Distinctive (and Bizarre) Voices in Music

Earlier this week NME published the outcome of its readers’ poll about the Greatest Singers of All Time. The results were pretty depressing, but then, the whole thing was a fairly ridiculous exercise to begin with — “of all time” makes no sense considering no one alive today has heard anyone who sang before the late 1800s, and without any evaluable criteria, “greatest” is entirely subjective anyway. Ho hum. Anyway, instead of arguing about whether our favorite singers are “greater” than anyone else’s favorite singers, we got to thinking about a more entertaining criterion — distinctive and downright weird voices. Here are ten of our favorites, past and present. There are plenty more, of course, so let us know your picks. … Read More

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