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The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories

1. Apparently Aretha Franklin was the first guest to arrive at Sarah Jessica Parker’s $40,000-a-head Barack Obama fundraising dinner last night, and decided to leave after only 20 minutes. Gawker is calling it “a big diva move,” but given the fact that she’s 70 years old, maybe she was just tired.

2. Tony-nominated… Read More

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Pearl Jam Headlining Jay-Z’s Made In America Festival

Stereogum just shared news about Jay-Z’s Made In America Music festival that takes place Saturday, September 1 and Sunday, September 2 in Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park. It looks like Pearl Jam will be headlining the event, with Passion Pit and Dirty Projectors also mentioned. Pearl Jam’s exact performance date/time will be announced… Read More

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The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories

1. Ashton Kutcher has signed on to play Steve Jobs in a new indie film that “chronicles Jobs from wayward hippie to co-founder of Apple and one of the most revered creative entrepreneurs of our time.” While it seems like a bit of an odd casting choice, we suppose there is a slight resemblance. [via… Read More

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Stereotyping People by Their Favorite Indie Bands

Inspired by Lauren Leto’s “Stereotyping People By Their Favorite Author,” we realized the incredible potential for a mercilessly judgmental list of indie band stereotypes. It is a common fact that Cormac McCarthy readers are men who don’t eat cream cheese, but what about those who listen to The XX on repeat and The Flaming Lips on hallucinogens? They need labels, too. After the jump, in collaboration with contributer Jeff Luppino-Esposito, we lay down the reckless… Read More

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The Hilarity of Don Henley’s Influence: A History

The latest big news on the liberal-musicians-suing-conservative-politicians-for-using-their-music front is that former Eagle Don Henley has negotiated a settlement and received an apology from Chuck Devore, the California Republican candidate for Senate who parodied two of the singer’s songs. Although Devore originally crowed about his right to rip off “All She Wants to Do Is Dance” (his version: “All She Wants to Do Is Tax”) and “Boys of Summer” (“Hope of November”), he’s now completely changed his tune: “Political candidates, regardless of affiliation, should seek appropriate licence authority before they use copyrighted works,” said Devore in a statement. “Further, we regret all inaccurate, derogatory or disparaging remarks made about Mr Henley during the course of this dispute.”

Of course, while Devore may represent the most recent (not to mention egregiously slimy) parody, the past 20 years have included no shortage of strange, wonderful, and frequently hilarious projects inspired by Henley and the Eagles. Check out a few of our favorites after the jump. … Read More

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The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories

1. After weeks (months? 25 years?!) of speculation, Larry King announced on his show last night that he’ll be stepping down from his talk show in the fall, but continuing to work with CNN on specials. We want to be the first to suggest Lady Gaga for his replacement host. [via Media Decoder]
… Read More

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Daily Dose Pick: Pioneer Sessions

For its 2010 Revival Recordings project, Levi’s Pioneer Sessions roped in artists ranging from Dirty Projectors and Passion Pit to Bomba Estereo and the Roots to cover timeless tracks that influenced them.

It all kicked off with Nas’ take on Slick Rick’s “Hey Young World,” and has since seen She & Him, the Swell Season, the Shins, and others take on everyone from Rick Nelson to Smashing Pumpkins in a celebration of the lasting power of classic songs. There are still two more tracks to come, and all 13 covers are available to download for free. … Read More

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The Visual Mixtape: Your Favorite Indie Albums as Posters

Noa Emberson is a graphic designer based out of Honolulu. He recently took on a self-initiated project commemorating twenty five of his favorite indie albums with beautifully-crafted and informative posters. Lucky for us, his design aesthetic is just as sharp as his taste in music. Click through to view a few of our favorites. … Read More

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Daily Dose Pick: Sketch Theatre

Combining art and music, Sketch Theatre presents a frequently updated series of short, single-shot, time-lapse videos of artists drawing while digging the tunes that inspire them.

Artists including Brandi Milne, Syd Mead, Ron English, and Lola have all been filmed for the site, drawing along to their favorite songs — from Dirty Projectors, the Raconteurs, Daniel Johnston, and Holly Golightly, respectively. An eclectic and mesmerizing testament to the mysteries of inspiration and artistry, Sketch Theatre is also a treasury of killer sounds. … Read More

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The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories

1. The New York Times has issued a correction for Lynn Hirschberg’s M.I.A. profile, admitting that certain quotes were presented out of order. [via The Daily Swarm]
2. The New Yorker‘s “20 under 40″ list of fiction writers is out; it’s chock full of thirtysomethings, and the youngest person included is… Read More

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