13 Absurd and Design-Savvy Vintage Employee Handbooks

Today’s employee manuals just can’t compare to the handbooks of yesterday, with their quaint rules and vintage designs. Corporate rulemakers like Disney and Playboy asked a lot of their employees in order to maintain a strict order and image-focused facade that launched each organization to the top of the pop culture charts. See what the manuals for stewardess, amusement park attendant, and Playboy bunny required in this collection of vintage employee handbooks. … Read More

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The 6 Best Movies to Buy or Stream This Week: ‘Whiplash,’ ‘Big Hero 6’

We usually use this space to recommend the week’s five best new releases streaming and on disc, but some weeks that’s just not enough — and this is one of those weeks. Making their debuts are two of last year’s most entertaining flicks, fresh off of big wins on Oscar night; one of 2014’s best documentaries (and a surprising exclusion from that category); and three terrific catalog titles with spiffy new Blu-ray upgrades. … Read More

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20 Things You Didn’t Know About Disney’s ‘Cinderella’

This year, Disney’s Cinderella turns 65. The Mouse House will celebrate her birthday with an adaptation of the 1950 film, starring Lily James (Downton Abbey) in the role of the princess. But nothing beats the magic of Disney’s original film and its enchanting animation. To mark this momentous occasion, here are 20 things you might not know about the classic movie about a beautiful young woman, her wicked stepfamily, and the prince who falls in love with her. … Read More

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The 5 Best Movies to Buy or Stream This Week: ‘Nightcrawler,’ ‘Laggies’

Love is in the air and Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so this week’s streaming and movie-buying guide includes a little something for all you anti-romantics. And among the new releases, we’ve got one of last year’s best character studies, an indie comedy that’s ripe for discovery, an animated classic that’s not just for kids, and a glorious re-release of a ’70s masterpiece. … Read More

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The Brilliant Social Satire of Fox News’ ‘Frozen’ Misandry Segment

I never thought I would say this, but here we go: Bravo, Fox News. Bravo, standing ovation, etc. I had no idea you were playing such a long game — nearly 20 years now — nor that you would so slyly, casually reveal said long game in a three-minute segment on a Wednesday morning. It’s sort of brilliant! Yet in a Fox & Friends discussion of “the Frozen Effect,” the network (accidentally, perhaps?) let the cat out of the bag. While working up a lather of faux-outrage over Hollywood’s insistence on “turning our men into fools and villains,” host Steve Doocy all but winked at the camera. It hit me like a ton of bricks — that’s what Fox News has been doing all this time! Satirizing male stupidity and villainy by crafting comically transparent personas of male stupidity and villainy! They’ve out-Colbert’ed Colbert! … Read More

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Disney’s Contribution to Super Bowl Fervor Is an Ad for ‘Tomorrowland’

If you’ve perplexed about what Tomorrowland — Disney’s newest film based on one of their theme-park nation-states, which features the very useful-looking contraption… Read More

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50 Virtual Vacations on Film That You Can Stream Right Now

Now that winter is officially upon us, you may be experiencing escapist fantasies of sunny beaches and warm sidewalk cafés on a daily basis. With temperatures dropping, we’d like to interrupt your rising Netflix queue with these 50 films that will surely help you get away from it all while bundled up at home. From stunning cinematography to warmhearted narratives and beyond, these staycation-worthy movies are all streaming on various platforms for your viewing pleasure. Why not take advantage of the long winter nights to let a little light into your life (even if it glows from the television or computer… Read More

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Why Is Hollywood Only Making One Film About Latinos in 2015?

This year, Hollywood will offer as many widely released studio films about monkeys as it will about Latinos. Both movies, Monkey Kingdom and MacFarland, USA, will be released by Disney, slot fillers in the annual winter doldrums. Luckily for the monkeys, though, they won’t be depicted as in need of a redemptive white man to save them from their own crippling circumstances. What is baffling about the near total absence of Latino stories slated for 2015 is how it reflects the film industry’s lingering indifference towards a demographic that has quietly become one of the most dependable subsections of cinema-goers. … Read More

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