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Disney Princesses as Raucous Roller Derby Girls

Fans of Disney Princess mashups, this one’s for you. We’ve seen artists subvert the iconic (stereotypical) feminine trope in a number of ways, often empowering the girly Mouse House figures. That’s where Amanda Robinson’s re-imagination comes in (first spotted on The Mary Sue). She’s taken Disney royalty out of their regal gowns and outfitted them in roller derby outfits — all the women now ready to rumble. Perhaps the best part of the project is the names of each princess, reinventing their personas. “Mulan Rude,” Ne’er Do Belle,” and “Poca Face” are a few of our favorites. See what you think of this newest Disney Princess remix in our gallery. … Read More

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Disney Princesses Redrawn as Superheroines

Comic book fan art is having a banner week: first our favorite female superheroes got Williamsburg’d; now, Tumblr user aegistkitty has created a series of mashups between various superheroines and Disney’s most iconic princesses. Written up by The Mary Sue, the “Super Disney” series combines Rogue and Belle to create “Southern Belle,” Wonder Woman and Snow White (“Wonder White”), and Cinderella and Emma Frost (“Cinderella Frost”). Two awesome groups of fictional ladies, together at last. Get into it. … Read More

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20 Epic Disney Princess-Inspired Tattoos

We’ve noticed that people really seem to love the Disney Princesses — whether they’re striking a pose on the cover of a magazine or getting a historically-accurate costume makeover. But we had no idea how deeply that obsession went for some of you until we spotted this epic Snow White back tattoo over on Slashfilm. Curious if the other animated royals had inspired similar homages, we decided to do a little digging. Here’s a look at some of the most eye-catching ink that we found. … Read More

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Dramatic Photos of Fallen Fairy Tale Princesses

What if Cinderella had taken a spill down the stairs after she lost that glass slipper? Or Ariel had ended up washed ashore instead of in the arms of Prince Eric? Haven’t you ever been curious as to why Sleeping Beauty required so much more downtime than the rest of us? If you’ve got a Disney Princess-obsessed kid in your life, then you’ll want to keep her as far away as possible from the eerie images in Thomas Czarnecki’s darkly hilarious series From Enchantment to Down. Everyone else will likely enjoy this French artistic director’s slightly sadistic twist on classic fairy tales as much as we do. … Read More

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What’s On at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds in Our Office

Today at Flavorpill, we looked at some of the most challenged books of the past year. We drooled over a few of these haute couture-inspired versions of the Disney Princess costumes. We wondered if the fried chicken necklace trend — as spotted on Nicki Minaj over the weekend in… Read More

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Disney Princesses as ‘Vogue’ Cover Models

Last month, we took a look at a project by Los Angeles-based illustrator Claire Hummel that re-imagined Disney Princess costumes as they might look if they were historically accurate. Dante Tyler‘s work, which we discovered via Design You Trust, reinvents the princesses as Vogue cover models. We see Jasmine in big hair and Chanel, a pouty Ariel in a trendy fish-skeleton necklace (coverline: “Thingamabobs? She’s got 20″), and Pocahontas in a fur-and-feather get-up that wouldn’t be out of place on Beyoncé. It’s clear Tyler’s images are all in fun, but they can’t help but get us thinking about the way both Disney characters and celebrity It-Girls are styled and sold. … Read More

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Reinterpreting Disney Princess Costumes Through a Historical Lens

If you grew up watching Disney movies, then you can probably picture the evening gown that Cinderella wore to Prince Charming’s ball or what Jasmine was wearing when she took that magic carpet ride with Aladdin. What you probably never considered was whether or not these signature ensembles were historically accurate. LA-based illustrator Claire Hummel, an artist for Microsoft Game Studios Publishing, decided to do some research on the subject, and the resulting images, while not necessarily the stuff of childhood memories, provide an interesting glimpse into the history of fashion. Click through for a narrated look at the work that she’s done on the project so far; if you like what you see, prints from the series are available here. … Read More

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What’s On at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds In Our Office

Today at Flavorpill, we nearly died when we spotted this bizarre Prince-themed slanket. We decided that Garfunkel and Oates’s newest single “Weed Card” is going to be our official anthem for tomorrow’s 4/20 holiday. We looked at the first color photograph ever taken underwater, which stars a kind of… Read More

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