The Fascinating Real-Life Inspirations Behind Disney Villains

Disney is known for its attention to detail. Since its founding in 1923, the Mouse House has taken great care when it comes to the finer points, including those of its animated characters. Technology has evolved, but Disney still aims to base its animated figures on real people, complete with personality quirks and naturalistic mannerisms. In the past, Disney animators often studied these real-life models acting out scenes from films for inspiration. With Maleficent in theaters, starring Angelina Jolie as the eponymous horned villainess, we’re exploring the fascinating real-life men and women who inspired other iconic Disney… Read More

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What If ‘Frozen’ Were a Tim Burton Movie?

The trend of reimagining Disney princess in the style of [fill in the blank] has exploded on the Internet in recent years, and it didn’t take long for the characters from Frozen to fit right in. Japanese artist Yoko has gotten in on the action with this series of drawings that depict Frozen‘s heroines as characters out of a Tim Burton movie (spotted on Design Taxi). It kind of works, actually: there is something a little gothic about the Snow Queen locking herself away in a icy tower. Of course, this does make me wonder what “Let It Go” would have sounded like had Helena Bonham Carter sung it. Eerie.  … Read More

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The Secret to Pixar’s Genius From ‘Creativity, Inc.’ Sounds Like a Writing Workshop

Most business books are, in the words of Norman Mailer, “advertisements for myself,” the story of one person’s world-beating genius and how they made an industry out of it. But Ed Catmull’s Creativity, Inc., written with the wonderful Amy Wallace (frequently at GQ writing profiles — check out her D’Angelo piece), is markedly modest in scope. The main impression that you get off Catmull, the president of Pixar Animation and Disney Animation, is that he’s a kind man and obviously a genius, with a Ph.D. in computer science and the goal of creating the first computer animated film. And he goes through the life story of Pixar, how they met Steve Jobs, how they created things in a corner until they were creating things for Disney, in simple fashion. … Read More

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‘The Walking Disney': Disney Characters as ‘Walking Dead’ Survivors

Are you obsessed with seeing Disney heroes and heroines reimagined as other things, especially heroes and heroines of other franchises? Of course you are — you are currently on the Internet, and that’s what the Internet is here for, apparently! Luckily, deviantART user Kasami-Sensei has provided our newest Disney mash-up: The Walking Disney (spotted via Laughing Squid), in which characters from your favorite animated feature films brandish brute weapons, wear fashionably distressed outfits, and fight zombies. Now, if only someone would reimagine Disney characters as characters from things I’m interested in, like The Love Boat or Match Game ’76. … Read More

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