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The Best Homemade Gifts by and for TV Superfans

Holiday gift shopping is simultaneously fun and frustrating. There’s the joy of finding the perfect gift for someone important in your life, but it’s first accompanied by the panic of searching for that perfect gift. Fortunately, if your recipient is a television fan — and who isn’t? — then there is no shortage of wonderful gifts to give them. Official TV merch is fun (and very, very weird), but if you want to get a little more personal, here are 15 unique, homemade gifts for the television obsessive in your life. … Read More

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Peter Capaldi Goes Victorian in New ‘Doctor Who’ Season 9 Photos

If you’re an ardent Doctor Who fan — or even just sort of casually interested in the venerable British sci-fi series — you’re probably rather excited at the prospect of seeing Malcolm Tucker as the 12th incarnation of the Doctor. By the looks of these photos, which were released by BBC America earlier this morning in advance of Saturday’s Season 8 premiere, he’ll be joined by old friends and foes alike — notably, it seems that the Paternoster gang will feature again, which is always a welcome throwback to the earliest days of the series. Beyond that, there’s not a great deal to be gleaned, but still, just imagine Peter Capaldi denouncing his foes as being as useless as marzipan dildos, and giggle heartily. … Read More

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Watch the Doctor Get X-Rayed in New ‘Doctor Who’ Teaser Trailer

Does anything live up to its name like the teaser trailer? It explodes onto your screen, messes with you visually and… Read More

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‘Doctor Who’ Will Return August 2014

According to the official Doctor Who Twitter account, the highly anticipated new season of Doctor Who will premiere August 2014. Peter Capaldi takes on the… Read More

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20 of the Weirdest TV Merch Items You Can Buy

Television fan culture has blossomed into something huge and wonderful. There are so many TV shows that have a rabid and obsessive group of eager fans who love to buy merchandise related to their favorite shows and characters. I should know — my apartment is overflowing with memorabilia from The SimpsonsBeavis & Butt-HeadCommunity, etc. — but sometimes networks go beyond simple T-shirts and magnets and start selling everything from costumes to sofas to swords. Here are 20 examples of the weirdest television merchandise that you can buy. … Read More

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13 Things We Learned About ‘Doctor Who’ Companion Karen Gillan From Her Reddit AMA

Karen Gillan, professional adorable person and recently retired Doctor Who companion, did a Reddit AMA today to promote her upcoming movie Oculus. In August, you’ll be able to see a virtually unrecognizable version of her in Marvel’s space comedy/action flick Guardians of the Galaxy, and other recent projects include ABC pilot Selfie. Her responses were short and sweet, so we put together all the Gillan trivia you need to know, from her favorite candy to who she considers the greatest redhead of all time (besides herself, of course). … Read More

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